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How do I login on the Online Portal?

Try the steps below to resolve your issue.

Log on to "" Enter your desk phone's number and your voicemail PIN number for the Password.

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Log on to "" Enter your desk phone's number and your voicemail PIN number for the Password.

If you are a resident of an Assisted Living facility, you need to contact your facility’s Hosted Phone for Seniors internal phone plan administrator with questions regarding your phone and it’s features. Your facility’s staff have been trained by EPB to handle any issues you may have. If you have trouble contacting your internal phone plan administrator, or need further assistance, you may call EPB at 423-648-1372 anytime day or night.

Yes. We understand your business needs change over time. That’s why our Hosted Phone for Seniors solutions are scalable from 1 handset to 1,000. Your sales representative will be happy to guide you through the process of modifying your solution as needed.

After you select a Hosted Phone for Seniors solution, an EPB Hosted Phone Coordinator will discuss the preferred training plan for your facility. This could simply include leave-behind support materials, or involve direct training at the individual level. Keep in mind that after training, EPB’s technical experts are available 24/7/365 to assist you via chat or by calling 423-648-1372.

Each message can be up to three minutes long.

Yes. As long as your new address and physical business location is within the EPB service area, we can move your service.

Every extension number is directly connected to a specific telephone in your business. If you need to change or add an extension, call us at 423-648-1500.

For other questions, get in touch with us