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What Can Fi-Speed NextNet Do For You?

Advanced communications solutions such as Hosted Phone and Wi-Fi with top-notch equipment and features. Super fast Internet with multiple fiber optic connections for maximum reliability. Fast, secure VLAN connections for linking multiple worksites. Ultra-secure colocation facilities for peace of mind data serving and storage. And, as your hometown experts we’ll develop custom solutions for any size business and budget – and back it with local service and support all day, every day.

The fastest, most reliable Internet available. Period.

Fi-Speed NextNet provides the highest bandwidth you can get – from 100 Mbps up to 10,000 Mbps – for virtually unlimited possibilities.

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Handle business calls even better

Say hello to Hosted Phone Solutions for any size business and budget.

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Fast, reliable private connections that are both ultra secure – and cost effective.

Sharing large amounts of data between locations over your own exclusive, secure Internet network is no problem with EPB’s seamless VLAN configurations.

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The perfect home for housing your sensitive data.

EPB’s co-location facilities provide the utmost safety, security and convenience.

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Dependable Internet solutions that keep your business up and running.

Two connections are better than one with EPB Fiber Optics redundant Internet options.

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Our business is helping you do yours, 24/7

While it is our customers’ own responsibility to secure their own Internet access, our internet security reference guide offers some best practices to help you secure your Internet.

In addition, we offer Kaspersky Internet security software free of charge to our customers. Kaspersky can be downloaded from your Fi Speed Internet account page. If you need assistance setting up your account page, please contact us at 423-648-1500. 

EPB offers Hosted Wi-Fi, a wireless (Wi-Fi) network service for Fi Speed Internet customers. If you are also a Hosted Wi-Fi customer, we will provide the necessary equipment and set up a wireless network for your business. If you are not a Hosted Wi-Fi subscriber, you must provide your own wireless router for your business.

If you are already a Fi Speed Internet customer, we would be happy to show you the benefits of signing up for our Hosted Wi-Fi product. Please contact our sales department at 423-648-1500 to get started. 

SimRing (simultaneous ring) gives you the option of having a call to your phone ring multiple other phones at the same time until the call is answered or voicemail picks up.

Your Hosted Phone service comes with an 8-hour battery back-up to help ensure the continuation of your phone service in the event of a short power outage. However, if a significant power outage occurs or the system lines are damaged, your phone service will be off-line until restoration has occurred.

Accessing the internet through your new Fi-Speed Internet service requires the same types of equipment needed to access any other non-fiber optics internet. Typically, this includes internet- and wireless-enabled devices (computers, smartphones, tablets), Ethernet cables and a wireless router if you want to set up a Wi-Fi network. 

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