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Fi-Speed Internet service can be accessed by using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer or device directly to your fiber optics outlet, or by using a wireless router to access the internet through a wireless-enabled device.

Yes, EPB is still offering TVA’s Green Power Switch and Southeastern RECs.

Green Power Providers is a TVA-led program that supports renewable energy generation systems installed at homes and businesses (including solar, wind, biomass or low-impact hydropower). In addition to some Federal tax credits, TVA will pay for kilowatt hours generated.

EPB is happy to provide technical support for any such installation, as all equipment must be in compliance with national standards and applicable codes and must be certified by a licensed electrician. Additionally, EPB requires a one-time charge of $150 for system interconnection.

TVA will then purchase 100% of the green power output, paying the current electric rate for all output (visit TVA’s website for guidelines and current rates). Payment is made in the form of a credit issued by EPB on the monthly power bill for the home or business where the generation system is located.

To learn more, visit Green Power Providers Program or call us at 423-648-1372.


All of your EPB Fiber Optics for Business services will appear on one bill.  We do not require any upfront money, so all charges one-time and monthly recurring will be on one bill.

EPB will replace any non-working cameras, but theft or vandalization of EPB equipment would be the sole responsibility of the customer. However, if a camera is vandalized or stolen, since the camera is always recording, you should be able to get a video of the event up to when the camera goes offline. EPB will bill the customer for the unreturned rate of the cameras, and then we can re-install new ones, if you like. Most businesses carry insurance, and these types of instances are most often covered.  However, talk with your insurance company to get specifics on what is covered under your policy.

Yes. EPB will be happy to set up any new devices for you at no additional charge. In most instances, one of our highly trained technical support individuals can walk a customer through the steps over the phone. However, we would be happy to send someone to your business to assist.

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