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    CREDITS and CHARGES will appear as separate line items on your monthly bill.

    Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.

    Joining Solar Share is like joining a community swimming pool. You share the benefits with your neighbors without the maintenance, liability and other hassles of installing your own. Plus, you can license as many panels as you want without any long term commitments. That makes Solar Share an affordable and convenient way to participate in solar generation.

    Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.

    A REC, or "renewable energy credit," represents one megawatt of energy that has been generated using a renewable, carbon-free method, such as solar panels or windmills. You may sometimes see RECs referred to as credits, green tags, or renewable energy certificates.

    RECs help us accurately measure the environmental benefits of green energy. When you purchase a REC, you're supporting renewable energy generation and displacing emissions associated with conventional sources of energy or electricity, such as coal, gas and oil.

    No, not at this time.

    Green Switch charges $2 for 200 kWh of a mix of alternative generation, mainly wind from across TVA's service territory. EPB Solar Share credits are $5 for 100 kWh of local, Chattanooga-made, 100% solar power.

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    Yes, we are still offering TVA's Green Power Switch, now known as Green Switch.

    All of our RECs come from EPB's solar installation on Holtzclaw Avenue.

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