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Business Energy Tracker Increase commercial customer satisfaction
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Be a trusted advisor for high revenue clients

Give mid-to-large commercial & industrial customers access to in-depth, real-time energy data with an online tool that helps them analyze usage, make timely demand adjustments and save money


Ready to help customers & communities

Business Energy Tracker is a turnkey, white-label solution branded just for you. This comprehensive tool eliminates the time and expense of creating one, and our volume discount from the software provider saves you money. Plus, helping control your customer’s operating costs through energy savings enables them to grow and expand. This increases customer satisfaction, and helps promote economic development in the community you serve.

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One Valuable Tool

Help your customers and employees analyze usage trends.

Easy access to data, analysis tools, dashboards & automated reporting enables you to respond to inquires faster and gives customers confidence in their energy provider.

Data Access

Get detailed energy use analysis and reporting

  • View energy usage, load profiles, CO2 emissions and costs
  • Analyze and compare multiple time periods on a custom dashboard
  • Aggregate data to normalize demand & usage across multiple facilities
  • Generate detailed reports and analysis for better insight
Automated Capabilities

Set up automatic reporting and threshold alerts

  • Schedule automated reports to be delivered via email
  • Automate notifications of demand response events
  • Set minimum/maximum thresholds for usage or pricing
  • Send automated alerts to multiple recipients
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Demand Response

Manage interactions over an intuitive web interface

  • Automate event rules, notifications, signaling & settlement processes
  • Get accurate rate-model-based settlement & attain billing integration
  • Signal customers, convey real-time energy pricing & monitor compliance
  • Offer secure, real-time signaling to customer facilities
Data Integration

Securely import interval data from utility systems

  • Near real time reporting from utility EMS, sub-metering or AMI systems
  • Import weather data from online weather services
  • Green Button web service API and “Download My Data” export service
  • Integrated demand response settlement with utility billing systems
Administration & Support

Complete administrative capabilities & expert support

  • Configure customer, account & meter relationships
  • Model demand response programs and view usage reports
  • Get expert support to assist staff by phone and email
  • Utility staff training and optional direct customer training available

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