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Will a video offering improve take rates?

Launching a fiber network with a television offering is a big decision that can make a crucial difference in helping you achieve your ROI goals. Depending on your market, offering video can help increase take rates 20-40% and improve internet retention up to 65%. But the video industry is changing rapidly and more and more customers are choosing to cut the cord from traditional TV and stream their entertainment instead. There are several approaches and platforms available as you consider your options. Your team at EPB Broadband Solutions can share customer insights and help you decide what's right for your community and what aligns best to your competitive and ROI goals.

Build your video strategy with EPB's support

EPB Broadband Solutions has over 10 years of video experience across several platforms. We're ready to help map your plan — whether that's launching with traditional TV or an OTT solution.

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HD video delivered right to your customers

Offer a feature-rich TV solution from day one — without the need for expensive equipment and labor-intensive wiring. We'll guide you through the entire process to help you find an app-based solution that your customers can watch on smart TVs, streaming devices, tablets, smart phones and more.

Help customers cut the cord with MyBundle

If cord cutting and helping your customers save money every month is part of your strategy, we can help you explore a branded experience and partnership with MyBundle®. Through this interactive decision tool, your customers can answer a few questions about their viewing preferences and receive recommendations on the streaming app bundle right for them.

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Content Negotiations

Simplifying the process to secure content

We’ll help you secure local affiliate contracts and join the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) for discounted pricing to offer a competitive video product.

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