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Fi Ticketing Improve workflow processes with real time data
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Quickly respond to issues with Fi Ticketing

Continuously improve and optimize your processes in a data-driven way. Gain valuable insights into your customer issues and response metrics with the EPB Fi Ticketing platform.

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Custom Case Management

Create custom cases to establish a direct path for routing cases to the appropriate staff. This will ensure your customers are getting timely responses and resolutions.


Reporting & Analytics

Fi Ticketing provides customized, real-time data to give you important insights into customer issues. You can view reports by product type, resolution times and more.

Improve your efficiencies and your customer experience

Fi Ticketing's real time data and reporting can help your organization build efficient workflow processes and reach new heights in customer care. Talk to an EPB Broadband Solutions expert for more information.

Call Center Support

Talk to EPB about our turnkey, personalized call center staff.

Fi Hub Dashboard

View, manage and analyze your support service activity anytime.