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Marketing & Product Dev. We’ll help you create a competitive, go-to-market strategy
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Market Research

Gain key customer insights for maximum ROI

  • Learn your competition’s strengths & vulnerability in customer loyalty
  • Understand your own brand’s awareness, strengths & weaknesses
  • Anticipate consumer behavior to estimate your take rate
  • Plan effective branding, marketing, pricing, forecast sales & ROI

Brand Positioning

We’ll help you define your brand’s meaningful difference, determine your most critical core consumers, and identify the key attributes that will drive your business forward from the start.

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Product Design

We’ll help with product development & pricing strategy

Whether its internet, managed WiFi, video or voice, we’ll help you develop the right product mix to help you be competitive and achieve your take rate goals.

Build a product set

Choose your products & services

Determine specs

Features, options, speeds & more

Develop pricing

Create competitive pricing

About Us

We’re a utility that built the first community fiber optic network.


Complete, turnkey product set to reduce risk and speed up ROI.