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Interested in deploying a fiber network for your community? We provide support and expertise to utilities and organizations like you with a single goal in mind — help other communities compete, thrive, and transform through the power of gigabit internet. 


Optimize & Accelerate Your Launch with Our Experience & Resources

We empowered our community by building America’s first Gig-speed fiber network. And now, we want to help you do the same. Our team stands uniquely qualified to offer the expertise and resources you need to:

Reduce Capital Cost & Financial Risk

We’ll help you move forward quickly & safely, and provide you with services & technology that cut down on costs & financial risk.

Receive Experienced Consultation

We’ll share our experience, help review your business plan and give you feedback that will help you be more effective and efficient.

Access Specialized Expertise & Customer Support

We'll help you avoid the time-consuming challenge of recruiting and training a quality workforce before you launch.

Accelerate Speed-to-Market

The faster you build, the more customers you’ll gain, and the more quickly you’ll start to profit from your investment.

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

We are committed to helping other utilities and organizations like you improve the quality of life for their customers. We welcome the opportunity to work with you, and we’re happy to share our experiences and discuss how we can help you and your team achieve your goals. You’re always welcome to tour our facilities and discuss your launch or community development plans with us here in Chattanooga as well.

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Keep Your Community Competitive

As a gigabit city, you’ll open countless doors for the people you serve, giving them more reason to stay and grow while attracting talented newcomers to invest in your community. 

Take it from us — after we built a fiber network here in Chattanooga, a 2015 study showed that we:

  • Helped generate at least 2,800 jobs
  • Added $865.3 million to the local economy ($2,832–$3,762 per resident)
  • Reduced power outages
  • Improved internet access & connectivity
  • Attracted new businesses

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Optimize Your Launch with Customized Services

Although you understand the value and benefits that come with a fiber infrastructure that ensures connectivity for all, it can still be overwhelming to consider the huge capital investment, learning curve, and risks that come with it. 

We’ll give you immediate access to specialized experts and 24/7 world-class customer service that scales with your needs as your organization grows, enabling you to accelerate your launch and avoid substantial upfront costs.

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Request Your Free Consultation Today

Contact Joey Greer today for a complementary consultation and tour of our facilites. Call 423-648-1279 or email

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Get Expert Help Tackling the Complex Challenges of Fiber Optics

As a local utility, just like you, who pioneered America’s first Gig City, we know this industry inside and out. We will customize our services to fit your needs, and share our expertise, resources, and lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Choose any of our services to reduce risk, optimize your launch, and speed up your success.


Entering the world of fiber broadband can be daunting, but right from the beginning, EPB Broadband Solutions will provide support and expertise to you and your partners. Our experts will share knowledge gained from years of experience to help you determine the feasibility of designing your own network, through implementation to help you navigate this complex process.

24/7 Tech & Customer Support Services

Our award-winning customer service and technical support teams are available to serve as an extension of your staff to provide your customers with exceptional around-the-clock support. With our team available to fill in the gaps, you can provide 24/7 customer support right from the start without the time and costs associated with recruiting and training a workforce prior to launch.

Direct Internet Access

Take advantage of our large-scale purchasing power to reduce internet costs. We provide affordable, symmetrical wholesale internet for both commercial & residential use. Connect to our network, and receive the network speeds you need, whether it’s 10 Gbps, 100 Gbps, or more, with speeds that scale as you grow.

Video Transport

Eliminate millions of dollars associated with building your own headend. We’ll transport our video service to you so that you can deliver an excellent video product to your customers more effectively and efficiently. With our service, there is no need for set top boxes and in-home wiring, which eliminates the expenses for equipment, materials, inventory, and maintenance.

We also offer professional services to help you join the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) to take advantage of bulk content deals and negotiations. We provide negotiation expertise for any additional content you may need as well.

Network Monitoring & Engineering

We provide expert network monitoring and engineering services to solve more complex situations, like continuous network monitoring, alarm identification, evaluation of impact, and alert resolution or escalation to you make sure your network is functioning as efficiently as possible preventing expensive service interruptions.


We’ll help your customer service and technical support staff schedule installations and troubleshoot calls. Our dispatch services include job assignment, crew monitoring, and customer contact helping you get customers installed as quickly as possible without having to add expensive headcount so you can get to payback faster.

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Case Studies

How Creating America’s First Gig City Enhanced Communities

We’re a municipal utility, just like you, who built America’s first Gig-speed network. Our experience with navigating this complex industry has allowed us to work with a number of other utilities who are winning accolades from their customers and realizing substantial operational benefits from launching fiber optics services.

Get Started with Customized Solutions

Let’s Discuss Ways to Optimize Your Launch & Maximize Your Revenue

We’re happy to share our experiences and answer your questions. Contact Joey Greer at 423-648-1279 or for a free consultation, or fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can.