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EPB Fiber Optics offers a variety of personalized solutions for local businesses, from WiFi to Hosted Phone and many more

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Hosted Phone advanced communications solutions with equipment and features for any size business and budget. Fast, secure VLAN connections for linking multiple worksites. Super fast Internet with multiple fiber connections for maximum reliability. Bulk TV service to make hundreds of channels available in multiple locations – like offices, hotel rooms and more. Ultra-secure colocation facilities for peace of mind data serving and storage. And, as your hometown experts we’ll develop custom solutions to meet your specific needs – and back it with local service and support all day, every day.

Internet, Phone, TV & Secure Data Sharing – everything you need from EPB

Complete communications solutions for any size business and budget.

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Local, award-winning service

EPB offers hometown service and support 24/7/365

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Advertising on EPB’s network of channels is affordable and it works.

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Success Stories

Lamp Post Group

EPB treats its Internet service like a utility, so it’s always up and running.

Joda Thongnopnua, Lamp Post Group


No other university that I know of has access the level of bandwidth UTC does.

Thomas Hoover, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Patten Group

Failsafe Internet that helps us know exactly where a client’s assets stand in real time, at any time.”

Jody Bankston, The Patten Group

Keep your business on the cutting edge.

And don't settle for anything less than the area's only 100% fiber optic network. Get started today and find out just how much more speed and quality your business can get for its money. In fact, we can design a custom package that gives you more of what you want and what you need to stay ahead.

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EPB offers Hosted Wi-Fi, a wireless (Wi-Fi) network service for Fi Speed Internet customers. If you are also a Hosted Wi-Fi customer, we will provide the necessary equipment and set up a wireless network for your business. If you are not a Hosted Wi-Fi subscriber, you must provide your own wireless router for your business.

Yes. Our video monitoring solution is secure and can only be enabled via a password that your business sets and can change at any time.

Fi-Speed Internet for Business starts at $60 per month for a small-business 100 Mbps connection.  From there, internet speeds scale in speed and cost up to 10 Gigs. We have the right internet solution for any business size and scope. We’ll be happy to discuss options for your business.

Yes. Our router has basic firewall capability migrating existing wired LAN. Additionally, there are four Gig ports, which allow you to hardwire equipment.

Smart Network for Business is targeted to small business WiFi needs, like small offices, coffee shops, nail/hair salons, car repair shops, or similar retail businesses. Our Hosted WiFi solution is a commercial-grade solution geared toward larger businesses that require specific reporting tools. Hosted WiFi provides anonymous aggregated data of foot traffic within your business, customized login/landing page for SSIDs (with your company brand), multiple SSIDs (network names private or public), greater coverage, and indoor and/or outdoor WiFi. Hosted WiFi also provides a private port on the server to hardwire your business network equipment.

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