Business Internet Solutions

EPB's community-wide fiber optic network takes your business to the next level with internet speeds up to 10 Gigs! We develop custom solutions to meet your specific business internet needs.

Delivered over the area's first and only 100% fiber optic network, Fi-Speed Internet enables local companies to do business, even better. Our services include the highest bandwidth you can get – from 100 Mbps up to 10,000 Mbps – and virtually unlimited possibilities.

Conduct secure, reliable Web transactions and stream media smoother than ever. Plus, our upload and download speeds are symmetrical so you can share huge files, videos and diagnostic images literally in seconds.

Redundant Broadband options double your connectivity with two independent feeds for constant, dependable internet – and it’s all backed by local service all day, every day.

Let us design a custom solution and help you do business, even better.

Success Stories

Lamp Post Group

EPB treats its Internet service like a utility, so it’s always up and running.

Joda Thongnopnua, Lamp Post Group


No other university that I know of has access the level of bandwidth UTC does.

Thomas Hoover, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Patten Group

Failsafe Internet that helps us know exactly where a client’s assets stand in real time, at any time.”

Jody Bankston, The Patten Group