ArtSpark 2018: The Beauty of Electricity

Looking for another way to get your students’ creative energy flowing? Sign up for EPB’s ArtSpark program.

What is ArtSpark?

ArtSpark is EPB’s new educational program developed in collaboration with UTC that gives high school students the opportunity to learn about electricity and design artwork for a public space. Each classroom will receive lessons about electricity followed by the chance to work with professional designers to create artwork that follows the current year’s theme.

The winning student’s final product will be translated to a vinyl wrap, and the design will cover an EPB utility box located in downtown Chattanooga for at least a year. You and your students will be invited to attend a celebratory event highlighting this achievement and will likely receive positive media attention.

How will ArtSpark benefit your students?

As a multidisciplinary experience, your students will have a unique opportunity to experience the following:

  • Learn about electric distribution systems, solar generation, utility boxes, and Chattanooga’s very own Smart Grid
  • Build communication, teamwork, and project-management skills
  • Collaborate with professional designers who will guide them through the process of designing for public spaces & adhering to specific measurements
  • Create a final product that will be displayed in the downtown Chattanooga area — this is something that they can add to their resume, portfolio, or college applications

ArtSpark Theme of 2018

The Beauty of Electricity

Create a design that pays tribute to a beautiful moment (or assortment of moments) in life that are powered by electricity.

Get Involved

If you teach a high school class that meets the criteria below and would like to register for the ArtSpark program, the deadline to fill out the following form has been extended to May 29, 2018. Recipients will be announced summer 2018.

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