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Request for Electric and Fiber Optic Facilities — Especially for MDU Developers

At EPB, we appreciate your investment in our community, and we want to do everything we can to make it easy for you to get temporary and permanent facilities installed to meet your construction schedule.

To ensure that we have the information necessary to provide these facilities when you need them, please complete this survey and send it to us as early in your development process as possible.

Once we have this information, an EPB representative will coordinate an initial site visit with your designated representative. If you have questions, please contact our Builder's Hotline by phone: 423-648-1BLD (1253) or email:

Type of Multi-Dwelling Unit?

Has the plat and GIS information been passed on for inclusion in MSAG?

Interested in EPB Fiber Optics service for this location?

Receive info on our EV charging station incentives and rebate program?

Receive info on street or pedestrian lights for this site?

* Additional information that will be required upon request by EPB representative. Plat including utility plan with transformer and meter centers locations marked in pdf format, to include meter center type. Communication plans, drawings, renderings and schedules in pdf format that need to be followed in the agreement. Fault Current Sheet for each commercial meter (example: House meter loads -pool house, hallway lighting, sprinkler system, elevator etc.)