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Native trees and shrubs provide food and natural habitats for local wildlife and help reduce soil erosion, without invading our landscape. Consider planting this species, which is indigenous to the southeastern United States.
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Calycanthus floridus

Sweetshrub features glossy, aromatic, leathery, dark-green foliage with erect, multiple stems. Terminal blossoms are solitary and dark red with numerous overlapping, strap-like petals. Flower are often quite fragrant. It’s a wonderful choice because of its adaptability to many soil, water, and light conditions. It will tolerate moist to well-drained soils, partial shade to sun, and can be planted on the west, south or east side of buildings. It is easy to grow, a low maintenance shrub, with no known pests or diseases, and is drought tolerant.

  • Dimensions: 6-9 feet tall, 6-9 feet wide
  • Water Use: Medium
  • Light Requirement: Partial Shade
  • Soil Moisture: Moist
  • Ornamental Use: Sweetshrub produces good cut flowers, and the flowers, leaves, twigs and bark may be dried to use in potpourri
  • Wildlife: Attracts bees and butterflies

Details: Sweetshrub

Mature Size

H: 6'-9' W: 6'-9'

Water Requirements


Light Requirements

Partial Shade

Soil Moisture



Flowers / Fruit

Wildlife Value