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How to Switch Internet Providers Stress-Free (Step-by-Step)

Many people are frustrated with their current internet provider and tired of jumping through hoops to get the internet they want at an affordable price without any technical difficulties or downtime. It’s not uncommon to consider switching to another internet provider in the area who can give you better service for a lower price.

While there are many benefits to changing internet providers, a survey from DecisionData says that 70% of customers who switched internet providers ended up regretting the switch, so it is important to look through your choices and see if this is the right one for you. Keep reading to learn how you can choose the best internet provider and make the switch without the stress or regret.

Top Reasons to Switch Internet Service Providers

There are many reasons why consumers are tired of their current internet provider and want to change. In fact, one survey found that 38% of internet users have changed their service providers in the past three years. More than half changed for a reason other than moving. Some of the most common reasons that consumers will change internet providers include:

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  • Expensive
    Internet prices can seem to keep rising all the time. This can be frustrating when you still get the same service as before. If another internet provider is available in the area, you may want to consider switching to save some money.
  • Moving
    Some people move away, for various reasons, and will need to switch internet providers because they are moving to a new area. If your current internet provider is not available in the new area, then you will be forced to switch.
  • Outages
    Poor connection or performance is going to cause many users to feel frustrated. They expect their internet to work without issues and too many outages can make them look for a new provider.
  • Poor support
    Long wait times, unhelpful support, or lack of support can be frustrating. If you can’t get the support you need when you need it then you’ll have no choice but to change internet providers.

How to Switch Internet Service Providers in 7 Easy Steps

Switching your internet service provider doesn’t have to be a complicated process. These seven easy steps will help you make the change without the stress:

  1. Determine Your Internet Needs
  2. Find and Compare Internet Service Providers
  3. Talk to Your Current Provider
  4. Prepare for the Switch
  5. Sign Up For New Internet Service
  6. Cancel Your Current Internet Service
  7. Enjoy Your New Internet Service Provider
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1. Determine Your Internet Needs

The first step is to decide what you want from your internet service. Until you know what you’re looking for, it’s going to be hard to decide which provider is best for you. Do you want a faster connection speed, a lower price, better service, or a combination of the three?

Some of the factors that you can consider include:

  • Types of internet services
    Consider whether you would like to go with fiber internet, cable, or DSL. Fiber is the fastest internet available and EPB is the only provider in Chattanooga with a 100% fiber network.
  • Speed
    How much speed do you need? If you want to stream videos or games, you’ll want the fastest connection speed you can get, especially if you have several people in the house all using the internet at the same time. If you use video streaming, like Zoom meetings or livestreaming, you’ll want to be sure that your upload speed is just as fast as your download speed. EPB is one of the only internet providers that has equal upload and download speeds and is ideal for streaming video or large uploads.
  • Price
    Look at your current bill and see how satisfied you are with the price you’re currently paying. If your goal is to save money, you want to make sure you don’t go with a plan that is more expensive or one that gives you less for the same price.
  • Support
    Is support important to you? Good support can make all of the difference when you are running into problems with your internet service. EPB takes support seriously by providing 24/7/365 support from local professionals who are there to help you.
  • Contract
    Some internet companies will lock you into a contract, sometimes for years at a time. This could help keep your costs down but means that you are stuck with them for a year or more. For most people, being locked into a contract is a frustrating experience. Fortunately, EPB has no contracts so you can enjoy freedom and flexibility.

It is hard to find an internet provider that can offer all of these at the same time. You will have to decide what order is the most important for reaching your internet goals.

2. Find and Compare Internet Service Providers

The next step is to find and compare the internet providers in your area. What’s available and what plans do they offer? You can then compare the providers and some of their plans to see which one is right for you.

How to find internet providers near you?

For customers who live in the Chattanooga area, visit to find some of the best internet plans. For those who live in other areas, a quick Google Search or asking friends and family can give you a list of some of the best internet companies in your area.

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How to Compare Internet Service Providers

It is a good idea to do some research before you choose one internet company over another.

Some of the ways you can compare include:

  • Talk to the company
    Live chat or call is the best. You can ask about the deals available to new customers and how their plans work. See what they provide you as a customer and how they will support you in the event of something not working.
  • Check reviews
    Always take the time to check the reviews for the company before you choose to go with them. Reading reviews can help you identify red flags and understand the details of what it’s really like to be a customer.
  • Evaluate options based on needs
    Compare the plans the company offers and match them to your internet goals. Are the speeds they offer fast enough? Is the price within your budget? Do they have great support in case you need it? Take a look at the company and see if they are still best for your needs after all this research.

3. Talk to Your Current Internet Service Provider

Before you make the switch, it is time to have a conversation with your current internet provider.

This will help you to understand your current contract, if any, and to figure out how to cancel your service along with any cancellation fees or other things you should consider.

You may also ask them about a lower price or better speeds they would offer to keep you as a paying customer. You’d be surprised what you can get just by asking sometimes.

4. Prepare for the Switch

If you are still determined to switch providers, now is the time. You should read the fine print of your new internet company and figure out when you will be available to get the new service. Write it down and put it on your calendar so you don’t forget!

Take the time to gather any items you need to send back to your current internet provider, like the router and the modem, if they own them. You can also migrate any of the accounts, like phone numbers and email addresses, that you may lose access to when you switch providers.

student on computer switching internet service providers

5. Sign Up For New Internet Service

At this point, you can contact the new internet provider and talk to them about starting your service with them. Ask whether it is possible they will purchase out your existing contract, if there is one, and then discuss the start and activation date that you would like them to meet.

Listen carefully and take good notes to remember all the details. And be sure to ask any and all of your questions!

6. Cancel Your Current Internet Service

With plans made with the new internet provider, you can now cancel your current service. Be prepared for them to try to sell you on staying as a customer. They don’t want to lose your business and may try to offer you bigger discounts or incentives to stick around. You can let them know you have already signed up for a new service, which should stop them from pushing too hard.

Before the service is canceled, you will need to return any of the necessary equipment. Depending on the terms of your current contract, you may need to pay any early termination or cancellation fees.

7. Enjoy Your New Internet Service Provider

Congrats! You have now connected with your new internet provider. You should have faster speeds, better customer service, or lower prices than what you had before. Take some time to do an internet speed test to ensure that you get the speed that you pay for. If not, you can contact the support team immediately to get that fixed.

When you are looking for some of the best internet service and fastest speeds in the area, then look no farther than fiber internet from EPB in Chattanooga, TN. We are proud to offer the fastest speeds, equal upload and download speeds, 24/7/365 local support, and no contracts to make your life easier than before. Compare fiber internet plans and find the plan that’s right for you.

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