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What is Gigabit Internet? (How Fast It Is & How It Works)

When you’re shopping for internet or looking to upgrade your speeds, you’ve probably seen and heard about “gigabit internet.” And if you’ve heard the term but aren’t quite familiar with exactly how fast it is or what it really means, you’re not alone. With the increasing demand for internet connections in your home to enable work, gaming, streaming and more, it’s important to know what “gigabit internet” is and how it can help your home run more efficiently.

In short, internet speeds are measured by how much data can travel through the internet connection that’s delivering it per second. The more data the connection can send, the faster the speed is measured. A gigabit internet connection, for example, can send 1 gigabit of data every second, or 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). And by today’s standards, gigabit speeds are considered superior. Without it, you may find issues with buffering or lag when multiple devices are connected to it.

If you don’t have gigabit internet but are looking for the best option to give you a smooth and seamless online experience at home, keep reading. EPB offers gigabit internet on a 100% fiber optic network. It’s built to deliver equal upload and download speeds for flawless streaming and lag-free online gaming. Plus, it’s data cap free!

Let’s dive deeper into what exactly gig-speed internet is, how providers like EPB deliver the best experience, and how you can tell if this speed is what you need.

How Fast is Gigabit Internet?

Most internet providers still measure internet connection speed in Mbps (megabits per second) instead of Gbps (gigabits per second). That’s because gig-speed internet is still relatively new for many internet providers. However, EPB is one of the pioneers of gig-speed internet. In 2010, EPB became the first internet provider in the United States to offer this blazing fast speed to every home and business in its service area.

One gigabit is equal to 1,000 megabits, which means that gigabit internet is ten times faster than 100 megabit internet. The average internet speed in the United States is 42.86 Mbps (megabits) according to a 2020 report from

Gigabit internet, like fiber internet from EPB, offers download speeds of 1,000 Mbps which is 23 times faster than the national average.

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With download speeds that much faster, you can imagine just how fast you could download something big. For example, downloading a 2-hour HD movie only takes about 35 seconds with gigabit internet. It’s also an excellent choice for gaming, where rendering requirements can bog down regular internet connections, especially during peak times.

And if your gig-speed internet is delivered over a 100% fiber optic connection, that means you also have access to upload speeds that match your downloads. Many providers only provide upload speeds that are a fraction of their download speeds. And with gig-speed uploads, you can do things like share big files and video chat easier and on as many devices as you want simultaneously.

Reasons That You Might Want Gigabit Internet

Gigabit internet gives you faster speeds and doesn’t cost much more than traditional internet. The cost is a small consideration because gigabit internet is essential if you want to enjoy truly fast download and upload speeds that will make all of your time online more efficient and enjoyable.

True Gigabit Internet Provides Equal Upload and Download Speeds

You might want access to high-speed internet because symmetrical upload and download speeds are critical to making your internet experience seamless. Companies like EPB provide fiber optic internet because this kind of internet connection delivers the most optimal upload and download speeds. And EPB is one of the few internet companies to provide equal upload and download speeds and never throttles the connection speed.

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Online Gaming

People who enjoy online gaming will tell you that gig internet has been a game-changer for them. They can play without lag, streaming issues or rendering glitches that can happen using regular internet connections. Online gaming requires a ton of data, but gig internet can easily handle the demands.

Video Meetings

Another key reason that you might want to invest in gig internet is if you spend a lot of hours every day in online meetings. Zoom, Teams, and other online meeting portals essentially stream video during the call. It’s not just the video from others that your computer is downloading; it’s also the video your camera is uploading in real-time. Gig internet is especially important in these situations because the equal upload and download speeds can ensure smooth and seamless video calls without lag, clipping, stuttering, or poor image quality.

File Sharing

File sharing and working on projects requiring large video projects and transmissions can also require upgrading to gig internet. Being able to download large files rapidly can help with many different processes, and you will be able to upload items just as quickly. This can save time and headache when you work in an industry that requires this kind of file sharing when you have access to gigabit internet.

Streaming TV & Movies

For those who love streaming videos, movies, and YouTube, gigabit internet is a huge help. Breaking free of the chains of buffering issues, lag in the video stream, and reduced video quality can improve your online streaming experience. Even streaming shows on Netflix can improve when you have gig internet. Plus, with the growing number of devices in the home, many of which are online at the same time, the demand for more bandwidth is greater than ever. Having the capacity of gig speed internet has never been more important if you’re looking for an exceptional online experience.

How Does Gigabit Internet Work?

Gigabit internet offers its best user experience when delivered through fiber optic lines. However, not many places have access to this kind of internet connectivity. You will find that you might not have access to the full potential that gigabit speeds can offer if you have a regular internet connection to your home.

If you have access to fiber optics in your home, you will get access to the full benefit of this level of speed in both downloads and uploads so long as you are paying for it to be delivered to your home. You will still get fast internet speeds with a traditional internet connection, but you just might not get to access the connection's full speed.

The best way to take advantage of gigabit internet is by using a wired connection on your computer — plugging your computer directly into your router. Using a wireless connection (Wi-Fi) is not optimal for getting your gigabit connection's full speed. In addition, you’ll want to be sure that the router you’re using supports gigabit speeds.

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Do I Have Access to Gigabit Internet?

You will likely need to reach out to your internet provider to see if they offer gigabit internet. Not every provider will deliver this kind of speed to customers, especially if there is no access to a fiber optic network in your area. And some providers may advertise gigabit speeds but they may only be referencing download speed. Always ask what upload speeds they are delivering to you. EPB is the best internet provider and has affordable gigabit internet options with equal upload and download speeds and no throttling.

You can test your internet speed at to see just what your upload and download speeds currently are. If you invest in gig internet, you should always check in periodically to ensure that your connection speed is accurate. If you are not, you will want to contact your internet provider and get technical help to troubleshoot the issue. You do not want to be paying for this speed of service if you aren’t getting the full speed possible.

Is Gigabit Internet Worth it?

Having a high-speed internet connection is a necessity in today’s world, and it’s only going to become more necessary. We use the internet to do everything in our daily lives. Whether you’re watching movies and TV, playing the latest video games, or connecting with others on video, you’ll enjoy having gig-speed internet to avoid lag issues, buffering or dropped connections.

Fortunately, gig-speed internet is an affordable option that gives you the speed you need to do everything online quickly, smoothly, and effortlessly. EPB was the first internet provider in the United States to introduce gig-speed internet to every home and business they serve and remains the world’s fastest internet provider. Ready to upgrade your internet speed? Get started with gig-speed internet from EPB.

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