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What "Renew Lease" Means on Wi-Fi (And When It Matters)

Many people have seen the option to "renew lease" in their Wi-Fi settings or even in their iPhone or smartphone settings. While this option might have been observed, not many people know what this option does. You might want to know what this option can do for you in order to get devices to connect to your wireless that are not wanting to do so. iOS users are more familiar with this option than other device users, but that does not mean that these are the only devices that might need a "renew lease" fix.

When you "renew lease" on your Wi-Fi or device, it resets the DHCP on your router. This is what sends the IP addresses and configurations to the IP host. When you use this option, your device is assigned a new IP address. This can cause issues later on due to IP address conflict for certain devices.

If you want to learn more about this option and what it can do for you, you will need to read on.

What Does "Renew Lease" Mean in Wi-Fi Settings?

As mentioned before, the "renew lease" option is used to reset the IP address of a device. This can be the only resolution open to you if you have a device that is not willing to connect to your wireless. This process resets the DHCP of your router, which tells devices what IP address and configurations to use.

When this process is not done correctly, it can lead to IP address mismatches that can cause further problems within your network. You might be having issues with one device connecting to your wireless, but if you "renew lease", you could have trouble with IP mismatches with all of your devices.

This process is the same when you complete it on any device. You will need to be wary of all of the same potential issues when you use this feature, and you might also gain benefits from doing so whether you are renewing lease on your iPhone, smartphone, or your router.


Does Renew Lease Make Wi-Fi Faster?

This process can make your Wi-Fi a little faster for a while, but it will not eliminate issues with download speeds related to the internet that you are paying for or issues with blocked wireless signal due to concrete walls and router placement. The refreshed IP address can help you to see a brief bump in speed, but this will likely be temporary.

If your speeds are not ideal, you will have better luck resolving this issue by paying for higher speeds or by cycling power to your router. This is much more likely to help with speeds, and you will have lasting results from these efforts compared with trying to use the renew lease option to get this end result. You can easily track your internet speeds by using free internet testing tools if you want confirmation that you have made an improvement in your internet speed.

Can Renew Lease Fix Issues with My Wi-Fi?

Renew lease can fix some issues with your Wi-Fi. There are some good reasons to use this solution to resolve problems with your internet, and you might not have been aware that this resolution can help with connectivity problems.

The most common need for using the renew lease fix is that you have devices that are not able to connect to your wireless because their IP address has expired. There is usually a 24-hour expiration time for these addresses set up for routers.

iOS devices commonly need this fix, so it is worth knowing how to complete this process to make sure that your devices that use this operating system can connect to the wireless network in your home or your office.

This process can be needed when the automatic renewal process does not work right. This can leave the IP address that a device has chosen invalid. When this occurs, you will need to renew lease to resolve the mismatch in the addresses and reassign a valid address to your device.

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Should I Renew Lease on my Wi-Fi?

When you use "renew lease" on your router, you will cause the router to reset the DHCP. This will send new IP addresses and configurations to the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi. This can be a good resolution for issues with conflicting IP addresses or problems with your router not sending out new IP addresses to the devices that are connected to it.

The problem with using this resolution for your IP address or connectivity issues is that it can cause problems for devices that were connecting properly. You are often better off to just cycle your router on and off rather than using the "renew lease" option. Many people will also think that the only way to resolve this problem when a warning to "renew lease" shows up on a device is to actually follow the process to do so. You should always make sure that a simple reboot won't take care of the problem first to avoid further issues.

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