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8 Smart Tricks to Speed Up the Internet on Your Phone

Faster internet on your phone is an absolute necessity. It’s something we all want and something we all crave in a world that consistently requires us to be engaged in online activity. Activity that varies between checking our social media page, watching Netflix, or reading an online news article.

The unfortunate problem is lagging internet speeds can sometimes create unnecessary stress and test our patience. Many websites claim to have the answers to speeding up your phone’s internet speed but some tricks are straight-up fake, and others are expensive. We’ve gathered a few tips we believe can help you solve your connectivity issues. Interested? Read on.

1. Check Your Data Cap

Many internet and cellular providers will set a limit on how much data you can use monthly (aka “Data Cap”). The solution seems so simple, but some customers may be unaware of their data cap limit. Going over your monthly limit can cause your internet speeds to decrease until your next billing cycle.

To find out if you have a data cap limit log into your account on your internet service provider’s website to find if a limit exists. Choosing the most affordable option may not always be best if you are hoping for the fastest possible speeds.

Slowing down a customer’s internet speeds because of a data cap is something EPB customers never worry about, with America’s Fastest Community-wide Internet speeds EPB provides unlimited speeds so our customers are never unhappy or caught off guard by slow speeds.

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2. Occasionally Reboot Your Router

If you find your phone’s internet slowing down it could mean that you need to restart your router or modem, which can often correct the issue. Your router’s performance can be a caching issue or an internal problem within your router.

Remember your internet devices are running 24/7, so taking a few minutes to restart the device can fix your internet speed problems.

Follow these simple steps to reset your router:

  • Locate the router or reset button on the backside of the device.
  • Once located be sure to press and hold the reset button for around 15 seconds.
  • You will need to wait until the router is fully reset before powering it back on.

Customers who purchase EPB’s Smart Net Plus can download and access an easy to use Homepass app. The app allows customers to view their Smart Net Plus connections and track bandwidth demands from each device. You can also check signal strengths, run network speed tests, check upload and download data and create custom guest networks.

3. Change the Placement of Your Router

The quality of your internet speed could be because you are further away from your router. If you see no change in your internet speeds after the reset, try moving your router or modem to a different location inside your place of living.

Moving your router to a central location could create an equal amount of coverage throughout your place of living. You’ll want to make sure your router’s wireless signal is not being blocked by nearby furniture, walls or doors because these things could hinder your internet access.

4. Consider Using Cable Connections Like Ethernet

Wireless connections can often be slower compared to a wired connected one. If your internet connectivity and cellular data are unreliable you can connect your phone to an ethernet cord.

8 tricks to speed up phone internet

Ethernet is a traditional technology that allows you to connect to a local network. Businesses and gamers are known for using local networks through ethernet connectivity to access faster, more reliable internet access.

You can purchase an ethernet adapter for your android or iPhone online. Most adapters should not cost more than $20, you can find them on Amazon and Best Buy websites.

5. Block Unnecessary Ads

Unwanted advertisements can slow down your internet so we recommend shutting them off. Many websites can slow your speeds down by introducing auto playing ads that you will begin playing once you enter a site. Your internet can become bogged down with the data clutter. You can enable ad blockers on your phone or use your web browser's incognito mode.

A tip to always remember is that deleting unused and unwanted apps can clear up cache space inside your phone. Many times we can forget to remove unwanted apps, photos and videos from our phone that could hinder our phone’s processing speeds.

Thanks to EPB’s Smart Net Plus if you are using your personal Wi-Fi network then you can access the ad blocker feature using the HomePass app. The easy to use app will give you control on what ads you want to allow through and what sites you want to limit your access to.

6. Clear the “Cache”

Not clearing your phone’s cache can dramatically slow down and cause your internet to move slowly. Caches are notorious for slow internet; clear them off as frequently as you can.

Here’s how to clear your cache:

  1. Open the Chrome app on your device.
  2. Find the three-dot icon in the top right corner to locate the drop down menu.
  3. Find your device’s history and then clear your browsing data.
  4. If you want to clear everything, find your phone’s time range dropdown menu.
tricks to speed up internet on your phone

7. Reach Out to Your Internet Provider

If your internet speeds do not improve after using several of the steps above then you should contact your internet service provider. Explain to your provider your problem with the weak internet and get a solution.

EPB Tech ProsSM are available to assist customers 24/7/365. Since our technicians are constantly installing and completing hardware installations they are prepared to answer any questions about increasing your internet speeds and connectivity.

8. Switch Your Internet Provider

When all else fails, it may be your internet provider that’s causing the slow speeds on your phone when connected. That’s when it’s time to do some research and consider switching your provider. Make sure your internet provider is delivering speeds to your home on a 100% fiber optic network, like EPB’s Fi-Speed Internet, for the best performance.

By removing unwanted data from your cache and following a few of the simple steps above your internet speeds should increase. You should see a dramatic increase in overall performance.

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