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Each time you turn on your TV, you will be on the home screen of your streaming device – which gives you quick access to Fi TV and other apps like Netflix an...

The same user name and password as your MyEPB account. If you do not have a MyEPB account yet, you can set one up at Also, an EPB installer can help...

To access your complete Fi TV channel list and to watch live TV, you must be connected to your home’s WiFi network. However, you can watch on demand content ...

You can start most shows over from the beginning with the click of a button at any time while they are airing.Watch this helpful video for more information.

Yes. Our Sports Channel Package features 6 popular sports networks including NFL RedZone, MLB Strike Zone, Stadium College Sports and more for just $4.19 plu...

If you are an EPB TV customer who currently leases two or more set top boxes you could save money.You no longer need to lease set top boxes with the EPB Fi T...

Well, there are many reasons. The EPB Fi TV app works over EPB internet on many smart TVs and most streaming devices (like Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, An...

Three days on available channels.Watch this helpful video for more information.

Unfortunately we cannot, because each Fire TV Stick only comes with one remote.


Channel listings by package

The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
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