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Yes. Easy-to-read large print bills are available.

In the MyEPB online portal you can manage your account information, pay your bills, see your usage history and much, much more.Log on to MyEPB.

Yes. Spanish speaking customers can receive bills in Spanish.

Just call us at 423-648-1372 anytime day or night for billing assistance.

If you need assistance paying your bill, you can make arrangements with us.Please contact us prior to your bill’s due date to ensure your service remains act...

Residential customers may request to be billed on one of four optional dates each month. To choose a due date that’s right for you, call us at 423-648-1372.B...

We offer a variety of options for receiving your billing information in the format you prefer.


Choose billing options to fit your budget and schedule – from payment plans to flexible due dates, we'll work with you to make arrangements.


Many different factors go into determining your energy costs – let's break it down.


Channel listings by package

The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
Please refer to the digital PDFs below for the most current channel tier listings.