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Yes. Our Call Record add-on is for customers who need to record call center and/or other employee calls for compliance, risk and training purposes. To learn ...

Unfortunately no. Exisiting DVR recordings do not transfer over. The settings for future recordings will transfer over, but you will loose previously recorde...

Your Profile icon takes you to your DVR recordings. Just click on your Profile (rather than “Shows” or “Movies”) each time you want to access your DVR record...

Yes. All recordings can be saved in your online vault for as long as you would like to keep them.

To record a show, just click on the program in the Guide. Choose “Record” and you will see options for recording "new episodes" of a show or "...

Yes. You can download recordings to your local storage drive, if you like.

If you voluntarily discontinue your EPB Hosted Camera account, your recordings are deleted from the cloud-based vault. However, if you are disconnected due t...

Most people think of saving recordings because of an incidence involving theft or destruction of property. However, recordings can be used for training oppor...


Add the Call Record feature to your EPB VoIP plan to keep call center and other employee phone records for compliance, risk, and training purposes.


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