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As the TV industry shifts to streaming and prices for TV content continue to skyrocket, EPB is working with all of our customers to help them find their best...

As the cost of TV content continues to rise dramatically and more and more customers switch to streaming to save money, we want to help our business customer...

Yes. We will continue to provide our current Fi TV video customers with a quality TV product. We will be happy to discuss this new Managed Streaming TV for B...


Interested in how to cut the cord and keep your local newscasts? This guide helps you find the streaming services that offer your live, local news.

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Electricity is such an integral part of enhancing our daily lives but it's important to know how to stay safe around electricity.

We no longer offer the traditional Fi TV service to business customers, but we’re happy to talk with you about the new Managed Streaming TV for Business whic...


More people are switching to streaming services that offer more choices for what you want to watch and spend. We’ll help you find the right solution.

Interested in cutting the cord? Learn how MyBundle works and how it can help offer the perfect TV solution for every lifestyle.

We deliver the best in internet, television, voice, and energy solutions in Chattanooga – plus award-winning customer service available 24/7/365.