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Yes. Our Advanced Email solution enables you to showcase your brand by adding a personalized web domain to your email address.To learn more, schedule your fr...

Yes, we have a Voicemail-to-Email feature that transcribes the message.

Currently, our monitoring software only supports Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining a supported email address if you do...

Learn more about your business email account with this helpful quick start guide.

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Let our expert technicians design and deliver a feature-rich email solution for your business and budget – powered by the world’s fastest internet.

Yes. EPB Hosted Phone Solutions can be set up to automatically translate voicemails and send them to email or mobile text. To learn more schedule your free b...

There’s a much better way to receive your monthly bills. Take advantage of secure, convenient online bill delivery.

Want to sell to EPB or buy our surplus equipment, vehicles, and more? Let’s do business!

Take control of how you purchase power and manage energy use with a detailed analysis of your business needs and consumption.

Switch to Paperless Billing and get a $10 bill credit for each account—that’s a $20 total credit if you convert both Energy and Fiber Optics bills.


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