Kid using Internet with 300 MBPS Internet in Chattanooga


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CREDITS and CHARGES will appear as separate line items on your monthly bill.Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.


Our intuitive, next generation technology not only delivers exceptional reliability, it gives you the power to take control of your energy use.

No. Your electricity cost is determined by your home or business’ power meter reading each month. If no power is being delivered to your address, like during...


Many different factors go into determining your energy costs – let’s break down everything that goes into your bill.

If you need assistance paying your bill, you can make arrangements with us.Please contact us prior to your bill’s due date to ensure your service remains act...

Our Budget Billing option generates a monthly amount due based on your last 12 months of service. At the end of the year, your actual usage will be deducted ...


From the world’s smartest Smart Grid to the area’s first community Solar Share array, we’re leaders in advanced technology.

Just call us at 423-648-1372 anytime day or night for billing assistance.

If service is disconnected due to nonpayment, we require that all past due balances be paid as well as any reconnection fees and security deposits.

If you would like to dispute an EPB Electric Power bill that you think is in error, please contact us at (423) 648-1372. We will not disconnect service for n...