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EPB Solar Share is a community-based solar program that offers an easy option for EPB customers to participate in renewable energy through solar power. Locat...

Qualified contractors can receive a credit of $2,000 for a home that is certified to have an annual level of heating and cooling energy consumption at least ...

As more and more homebuyers look for energy efficient homes, Zero Energy homes will give homebuilders and existing homeowners a sales advantage over traditio...

If you’re building a home, renovating a home or simply making home improvements, you can follow EPB’s Zero Energy Resource Guide recommendations. Some of the...

Only qualified contractors may receive 2021 Energy Efficiency Tax Credits.

Yes. Low-watt LED light bulbs use 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs and last up to ten times longer. Installing them in just five of you...

CREDITS and CHARGES will appear as separate line items on your monthly bill.Call 423-648-1372 to join Solar Share.


Our energy experts will ensure your business operations are energy-efficient by evaluating equipment, systems, and identifying potential improvements.

Typically a “Net Zero Energy” home refers to a residence that utilizes onsite renewable energy generation, such as solar energy, to offset its energy use. Th...


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