Kid using Internet with 300 MBPS Internet in Chattanooga


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Many different factors go into determining your energy costs – let's break it down.

Switch to Paperless Billing and get a $10 bill credit for each account—that’s a $20 total credit if you convert both Energy and Fiber Optics bills.


Choose billing options to fit your budget and schedule – from payment plans to flexible due dates, we'll work with you to make arrangements.

No. The monthly recurring cost covers the equipment lease and all costs associated with maintenance, access to the software, firmware/software updates, suppo...


There’s a much better way to receive your monthly bills. Take advantage of secure, convenient online bill delivery.

If service is disconnected due to nonpayment, we require that all past due balances be paid as well as any reconnection fees and security deposits.


Our intuitive, next generation technology not only delivers exceptional reliability, it gives you the power to take control of your energy use.


It’s very important for you to recognize an authorized EPB employee or contractor in order to ensure your safety – and receive the best possible service.


Take control of how you purchase power and manage energy use with a detailed analysis of your business needs and consumption.

Yes. Pre-Pay Power enables you to set up an account with an initial $50 payment to be applied against future power use. With Pre-Pay Power, you pay for power...