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Learn more about accessing and managing your MyEPB online portal.

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Yes. You will, of course, be responsible for all costs associated with any account under your name. If you have been an EPB Energy customer for 12 continuous...

Just call us at 423-648-1372 anytime day or night for billing assistance.

Log in to the MyEPB portal on the home page of There you can manage your accounts, see your usage, pay your bills and more.

In the MyEPB online portal you can manage your account information, pay your bills, see your usage history and much, much more.Log on to MyEPB.

Yes. You may share the login with people within your immediate household. The EPB Fi TV app comes with 6 streams for simultaneous viewing on 6 different devi...

Log on to "" Enter your desk phone's number and your voicemail PIN number for the Password.

Yes, EPB Hosted Phone Solutions feature an online CommPortal for complete phone system management. To learn more schedule your free business technology asses...

Yes. Your personal portal enables viewing up to six (6) locations at once.


Channel listings by package

The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
Please refer to the digital PDFs below for the most current channel tier listings.