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Talk as much as you want without worries with international calling at a great price. The clearest connection backed by our 100% fiber network.

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To transfer a caller to another person, press the “Flash/Talk” button, dial the number where the call is being transferred, then hang up.

Yes. Choose reliable domestic and international plans that can be changed at any time, using your existing toll-free numbers so you have just one telephone ...

Fi Phone includes many popular features including voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, robocall stop, speed dialing, three way calling, c...

Yes. Call long distance at just 6¢ per minute. Get the basic plan for just $22.99 per month plus tax. Get 120 minutes of long distance calling at just $29.00...


From hosted phone to traditional phone lines, we have voice solutions to fit the way you do business —all powered by the world’s fastest internet.

Yes. You can easily forward voice messages to another mailbox by pressing 5 while listening to a voice message from any phone, or by accessing your voicemail...

Any type of landline corded or cordless phone can be used with Fi Phone service.

Press the Park 1 or Park 2 keys while you are speaking with the original call to place it on hold. If you have any questions, please contact your plan admini...

Because trees grow and mature to different heights, pay special attention to where you plant each specific type in relation to power lines and poles. Trees t...


Channel listings by package

The interactive guide below may include temporary, free preview channels that are not available in the package you select.
Please refer to the digital PDFs below for the most current channel tier listings.
Fi TV Select Channel Lineup | Lista De Canales