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It depends on what caused the outage and how many areas were affected. Thanks to our Smart Grid, many outages can be restored in near real time, with no huma...

No, the phones receive Power over Ethernet (PoE) using the switch that we install in your business.

No. Your electricity cost is determined by your home or business’ power meter reading each month. If no power is being delivered to your address, like during...

Restoring your power is our number one priority. We ask that you please be patient. We’re working hard to restore everyone's power as soon as possible. ...

Phones delivered over an ethernet network will not stay active for exceedingly long without also having a UPS system. Phones that utilize analog lines, such ...

You can keep track of outage restorations in your area, report an outage, and more on the free MyEPB app.

Your Hosted Phone service comes with an 8-hour battery backup to help ensure the continuation of your phone service in the event of a short power outage. How...

Smart Grid restores occur when the technology of the Smart Grid allows us to restore your power without an EPB crew having to drive out and fix any problems ...

The three easiest ways to report an outage are on this web page, or on your smart phone using the free MyEPB app. You can also contact us by online chat, ema...

No. EPB Hosted Cameras require both internet and power to function.


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