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Smart Grid Redefining reliability with a smarter Smart Grid
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Smart Grid benefits

Every day, the Smart Grid works hard to keep your home powered and comfortable. Next-generation technology maximizes energy reliability and minimizes power outages for every EPB customer.


Leading advanced Smart Grid technology research

By isolating geographic areas into smaller, independent “microgrids,” we are exploring new ways of utilizing Smart Grid technology to maximize reliable energy delivery.


Independent of Smart Grid

Fully Scalable

Based on power needs

Storable Energy

Batteries aid demand reduction

Our promise to you

Reliable power with Smart Grid
Technology & Innovation

Smarter energy and connectivity solutions for our future

Through ongoing research with local and national leaders, we are utilizing the nation’s most advanced Smart Grid and world’s fastest internet to develop new technologies.

World’s fastest internet

Take advantage of Gigabit internet speeds in your home and business.

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See your home’s power use in real time to better manage energy costs.