Purchase Carbon Offsets for your Event

Organizing a big event, like a wedding or business conference? Make it eco-friendly with EPB renewable energy credits! It’s quick and easy to make a positive impact on our community when you purchase SolarShare credits generated by EPB’s community solar panels right here in Chattanooga. Use the following calculator to see how many credits you’ll need to power your event with clean and green solar.

When you purchase credits for your event, you’ll receive a digital certificate and authorized use of the solar share logo to use on your invitations, signage and website.

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Calculation Sources


Assumptions: square foot input by customer x average EPB Energy Use Intensity (EUI) Emission
Factor Sources: EPB service territory-wide energy data; Publically available Chattanooga-area building data; EPA eGRID – TVA Service Territory generation mix: emission factors 


Assumptions: Uses an average of a mid-level hotel room’s total emission impact per night Emission
Factor Sources: Carbonfund.org; Cornell School of Hotel Administration