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Since customers can keep their RECs, where do the other RECs that are available for purchase come from?

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Our RECs that are available for purchase have been generated by panels that have not been bought or leased yet. They’re available on a first come, first serve basis. These RECs are registered with and tracked by the North American Renewables Registry. After two years, these RECs are retired on a rolling basis.

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No. Your monthly credit is calculated from the total amount of energy produced at the array divided by the total number of panels.

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A REC, or "renewable energy credit," represents one megawatt of energy that has been generated using a renewable, carbon-free method, such as solar panels or windmills. You may sometimes see RECs referred to as credits, green tags, or renewable energy certificates.

RECs help us accurately measure the environmental benefits of green energy. When you purchase a REC, you're supporting renewable energy generation and displacing emissions associated with conventional sources of energy or electricity, such as coal, gas and oil.

Credits will depend on total generation of the array for the month prior and will be calculated at the current GSA-1 electric rate. For example, if your panel generates 37 kWh and the current GSA-1 electric rate is about 11.5¢ per kWh with fuel cost adjustment you would receive a credit of $4.26 per panel. What's nice about this is that if the cost of power goes up, your Solar Share bill credits become more valuable as they automatically adjust as the electric rate rises or falls.

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Joining Solar Share is like joining a community swimming pool. You share the benefits with your neighbors without the maintenance, liability and other hassles of installing your own. Plus, you can license as many panels as you want without any long term commitments. That makes Solar Share an affordable and convenient way to participate in solar generation.

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Yes, we are still offering TVA's Green Power Switch, now known as Green Switch.

Not at this time. To ensure consistent power generation benefits for all Solar Share participants, EPB determines each customer's monthly power generation credit by figuring the average power generation of all the panels for that month. This means that if some panels are not as well-positioned in relation to the sun, Solar Share participants are not penalized.

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This depends on several factors primarily the participation of our customers in this project. If the demand for local solar energy generation exceeds this installation, EPB will work with TVA to determine if we can install additional solar generation.

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