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We prevent power outages from affecting our Chattanooga customers

Protecting our community through sustainability

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact

We’re committed to sustainable initiatives in our operations and to providing community-friendly solutions and renewable energy options to make it easier for you to go green, too

Shedding light on renewable energy

You now have easy alternatives to enjoy the environmental benefits of renewable energy. Through Solar Share™, Chattanooga’s first and only community solar project, you can lease solar panels from the 4,400-panel array established by EPB and TVA for as little as $3.50 per month.

We’ve also partnered with TVA on other programs that enable businesses to offset their environmental impact with energy credits from renewable energy generated right here in our area.

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Charge your Chattanooga vehicle with solar power

Driving change with fuel alternatives

Cleaner air benefits all of us. So in addition to Smart Grid automation reducing our carbon foot print by at least 250,000 truck-miles per year, more than 50% of EPB’s fuel purchases go to greener alternative fuels such as bio diesel.

Moreover, EPB currently operates numerous electric service vehicles, including hybrid electric bucket trucks that can operate a 55-foot hydraulic boom without idling for lengthy periods of time.

Helping those in need with a Home Uplift

The Home Uplift program helps customers in need by investing up to $10 per square foot to complete necessary improvements to make their homes more comfortable and 20% more energy-efficient. Plus, 60% of participants report improved health, including fewer colds, allergy symptoms and asthma episodes, and better sleep.

We’ve completed over 400 Home Uplifts since the program started in 2014, and will continue the program for approximately 100 more homes with an additional $1 million in financial support. 

Homeowners and renters can click here to see if they qualify.


Taking the LEED with environmental certification

EPB’s downtown headquarters was the first building in Chattanooga to receive LEED Gold certification for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance. The U.S. Green Building Council awarded EPB PEER Certification for becoming the first major distribution utility to deploy a Smart Grid.

By reducing the need for "truck rolls" to scout and troubleshoot faults, the Smart Grid has helped eliminate 630,000 truck driving miles, and 4.7 million pounds of carbon emissions.

Improving energy efficiency while reducing waste

Customers like you have helped us proactively reduce energy waste as well as identify incentives for investing in energy efficient solutions by partnering with EPB’s Key Customer and Energy Services teams.

Each week, you help us reduce landfills by recycling nearly 60 tons of wood chips from downed trees, wooden power poles, and more. As a result, EPB has earned TVA EnergyRight® Solutions Top Performer awards in five categories.

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Leading environmental stewardship

To help improve our hometown, we reaffirmed our commitment to further Chattanooga’s sustainability through multiple initiatives.

  • EPB was awarded the Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Award for Pursuit of Excellence, recognizing all of EPB’s environmental efforts over the past two years.
  • Six major EPB facilities were green l light certified, a third-party green certification earned through green l spaces.
  • EPB’s downtown headquarter's LEED certification increased to LEED Gold for existing buildings.
  • EPB, Life Spring, and green l spaces launched the Green and Healthy Homes pilot, a program aimed at using energy efficiency and air quality tactics to improve childhood asthma outcomes.
  • The Chattanooga Clean Energy for Low Income Communities Accelerator (CELICA) group led by EPB, the City of Chattanooga, and green l spaces hit a $3 million funding milestone. These funds will be used for Home Energy Uplifts, Green and Healthy Homes, Climate Action Plans, and an energy/eco-friendly workforce development program.
  • EPB’s Green Building Leaders developed the nation’s first local sustainability professional credential, green l leader. We also held the first Green Business Expo, inviting business leaders to learn about our programs, processes and vendors.
  • We’re celebrating our second bi-annual certification of being a Smart Energy Provider through the American Public Power Association (APPA). Being a smart provider means offering our customers a variety of energy product options, green programs and more
  • We’re a proud partner with the TN Department of Environment and Conservation to reduce food waste through their FoodSmart Program. Last year, we diverted over 10,000 pounds of food waste from the landfill.
  • EPB, TVA and the Chattanooga Lookouts teamed up to host the nation’s first carbon neutral minor league baseball game. The Lookouts invested in renewable energy blocks generated from EPB’s Solar Share panels to offset the carbon footprint of the game.