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Do Wireless Security Cameras Need Internet?

The answer to this question is that no, most wireless security cameras will work without an internet connection. That being said, there are many reasons why having an internet connection for your wireless security camera is a very good idea. Without an internet connection, you will miss out on features and functions that make your wireless security system much more effective.

You might want a wireless security camera to monitor your front door, to maintain security at your home business, or even to keep track of activities near your yard or the back of your home, or your business location. There are as many reasons that you might need a wireless security camera as there are wireless security system brands on the market.

If you are ready to learn more about whether or not your wireless security camera needs internet, you need to read on!

Why Do Some Wireless Security Cameras Need an Internet Connection?

There are various common reasons that you might want to provide an internet connection for your wireless security camera. If you need to be able to monitor your location in real-time, you cannot do so without an internet connection attached to your wireless security camera. This is common for homeowners that invest in solutions like the Ring camera system to maintain security near their front door. This can also be a requirement for people with home businesses that are not fully staffed all day long, or business locations that involve a lot of coming and going of customers or staff.

do wireless security cameras need internet

If you are using your security camera system to share the information with the public, you would also need to have an internet connection attached to it. This is common for popular destinations as well as locations that get snowy weather like mountain passes. Everyone who can access the website that is associated with the camera is able to see the live footage as it unfolds with this kind of wireless security camera arrangement.

Another really common reason for an internet connection to be attached to your wireless security camera system is because you want to store the video remotely somewhere else. This is important for areas where crime is common and you might have to be able to show footage of the person caught doing illicit things to the police. This is also a common arrangement in department stores and places where valuables like jewelry are sold.

Use Cases for Wireless Security Cameras That Don’t Need Internet Connection

If you are using your wireless security camera for remote viewing only and you do not need to record any footage, then you can get away without having an internet connection to the camera. This might be fine for uses where someone will physically be viewing the location in question to check on safety and the expectation would be that someone would respond in real-time to any issues.

If you are using your security camera system with mobile data like 4G LTE, you will not need to have an internet connection associated with the camera. This is because the mobile data replaces the internet connection in this kind of setup. Some users also don’t want the camera connection to slow down their internet connection and choose to use their security video for monitoring and not recording of any kind.

If your camera is being used for connection to a professional monitoring team, you might not need to use the internet either. This is usually a service that responds to alarms or motion detection by sending police or fire teams or other support personnel to check the area in question. This might not be a very common use any longer with the flexibility of wireless security cameras to create real-time monitoring, but it is still used in some industries for added security.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Security Cameras With An Internet Connection

When you are considering adding an internet connection to your wireless security cameras, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of this choice. You will find that there are more pros than cons, but you might want to be aware of the differences in the process of using cameras that have been connected to the internet versus cameras that have not.

Wireless security cameras require Internet access

Pros of Wireless Security Cameras With An Internet Connection

  • Lots of options

You will be able to configure your camera use so much more effectively when you have an internet connection attached to the camera and you can store footage that can be used in the case of a crime or some other incident. You can use real-time monitoring and you might be able to watch your camera from a remote location or on an app that is downloaded on your phone. There are so many ways to use a camera system that has been connected to the internet and you will never get access to these benefits without an internet connection.

  • Cloud Storage

Most internet-enabled cameras can be told to deliver footage to cloud storage which can save space on hardware and make the monitoring process easier when more than one person needs to be checking footage or reviewing items that have been recorded. Cloud storage is increasingly affordable and it is the most common way to store documents and information for both personal and business use.

  • Easy to Maintain

When your camera system is connected to the internet, the cameras will automatically receive push notifications and software updates without you having to intervene. You will have to provide these kinds of updates and maintenance to other camera systems the hard way and this can be time-consuming. Being able to simply trust that your hardware and cameras will be kept up to date is a big item for peace of mind when you are using a wireless security camera system.

  • Access to IT Support

In most cases, when your cameras are fully enabled and hooked up to the internet, there is a support team that you can access for assistance if something is not right with the way your cameras are performing or behaving. You will find that this can be one of the biggest benefits for the maintenance and use of a camera system like this and you will want to consider this as a big benefit for connecting the internet to your cameras.way to avoid spending money on additional fixtures, furniture or plants.

Internet in wireless security cameras

Cons of Wireless Security Cameras With An Internet Connection

  • Can be Hacked

While this is not likely to happen, your camera system can be hacked when it is connected to the internet. Most quality cameras will have security patches and system updates that are pushed to them to prevent this issue and your home internet or business internet should have its own protections in place to prevent this issue. You will need to look into the security side of the camera systems that you consider adopting to be sure that these can be securely connected to the internet without the risk of hacking.

  • Might Miss Updates if Unplugged

If one of your cameras is not in use or it becomes unplugged for some reason, your camera could fall behind on updates. There is usually a process to use if your camera has fallen off the network or has not been in use to be sure that it gets the updates that it needs to operate effectively and safely. You will need to know how to perform this process to maintain your security cameras properly.

  • Can Impact Bandwidth

One of the other downsides to some camera systems is that they can impact the speed of your internet. If you have a premium internet package this should never be an issue, but if you are paying for a very basic internet use package you might have issues with a full camera system attached to your internet. You will need to look into the specifications and requirements of any wireless security camera system that you choose to be sure that your current internet will support its use on a daily basis without slowdowns.

  • Data Breaches

As in the case of the Ring Camera data breach, there is always some risk of providing your personal information to companies that make devices of this nature. You will probably never run into a data breach situation related to your use of a wireless security camera that is connected to the internet, but you should be sure that you think about this as part of your consideration for this choice. The risk of this kind of issue is remote, but it is never 100% absent from the relationship that you will have with your wireless security camera company. Just like the risk of hacking, this is a very low incidence concern, but it is worth mentioning to those who are considering using their cameras in this way.

Internet for wireless security system

There are always things that you should consider when you are looking into using your wireless security cameras with an internet connection. Things like bandwidth needs, cloud storage costs, and maintenance of cameras that might have fallen off the network or been turned off can all be factors that you need to consider. Most of these items are very simple to take care of or are reasonably affordable to adjust to, but you will want to know all the details about the impact that an internet connection will have on your use of your camera system before you make a change.

How to Decide if Your Wireless Security Cameras Will need Internet

The question of whether or not your wireless security camera will need internet is fairly simple. You will just need to consider the kinds of uses that you want your wireless security camera to perform before you determine if an internet connection is necessary. If you have any needs related to the recording of footage, then you will want to provide an internet connection to your camera system. This is the most common use of these systems and it always necessitates an internet connection.

If you are planning to use mobile data rather than the internet for your wireless security camera system, then you will be able to forgo the internet connection as well. This is not as common a use case for these cameras and might not apply to everyone. The last reason that you might not need to worry about an internet connection to a camera or camera system is in the case that you are just using the cameras for live monitoring or for response in emergencies. These are becoming less common use cases for a wireless security camera since adding an internet connection provides so many other benefits, but there are still some businesses that will opt for this arrangement.

At the end of the day, you will need to consider that your cameras that do not have access to the internet will not be nearly as useful for your needs as you might wish. You will not be able to provide video to the police if there is a security incident at your home or business, and you will not be able to access real-time monitoring or monitoring sharing with anyone else.

It is so simple to connect wireless security cameras to the internet these days that you really don’t have too many reasons that you could argue against this arrangement. The example of the Ring doorbell system should show you just how simple it is to connect your wireless security system to the internet and it is a use case that demonstrates how effective real-time use of these cameras can really be.

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