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How To Test Wi-Fi Speed On iPhone (Step-By-Step)

How fast is your iPhone’s Wi-Fi?

Whether on a Wi-Fi network or cellular network, everyone wants a wireless internet connection that’s smooth, buffer-free and fast. So the question is, just how fast is your Wi-Fi connection? And if you don’t know, how do you find out?

If you think your iPhone may be experiencing streaming video buffering, gaming lags, or slow web browsing - then it’s time to find out just how fast your Wi-Fi is performing.

The best way to measure your Wi-Fi speed and performance is to conduct a simple speed test. And all you need to do that, is your iPhone.

In this article, we’ll discuss just how easy it is to test your Wi-Fi speed on your iPhone.

Why should you test your internet speed?

So, why should you test internet speed? Well the first reason is because you pay for internet service based on its speed. And wouldn’t you like to know whether you’re getting the internet speeds you’re paying for over your wireless network?

Knowing if your Wi-Fi is keeping up with the internet speeds promised by your internet provider will help you get the most value from your service.

If you discover that your Wi-Fi speeds are much slower than your internet connection, there may be factors that you are unaware of keeping your Wi-Fi from performing at its best.

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A simple speed test is the first step in helping discover the root cause of slow speeds, so you can fix any issues affecting your Wi-Fi performance. And luckily there are a few different methods to test the speed of your Wi-Fi network on your iPhone.

How to Test Internet Speed on your iPhone.

By now, are you wondering how to test your Wi-Fi speed on your iPhone? Well, unfortunately, there is no built-in internet speed test feature on an iPhone.

However, there are several different websites and apps with different methods of testing the internet speed of Wi-Fi networks on iPhones.

In fact, there are hundreds of speed testers, but not all are accurate. This article will discuss the 10 best ways to check internet speed on your iPhone.

10 Best Ways to Check Internet Speed on iPhone

1. Speedtest by Ookla

Boasting some of the best ratings on the App Store, Ookla’s Speedtest is one of the most popular Wi-Fi test apps on the market. After downloading the app, you can test network speed, streaming performance, and other features.

The in-app hamburger menu provides access to previous performance results, which include previous download and upload speeds as well as ping, jitter, and packet loss information. You can also visit their website and click “speed” to test your internet speed. Speedtest is one of the best and most accurate websites. Download the app free from the App Store to get started.

speedest on iphone

2. The Meteor

The simple and easy-to-use speed test from Meteor evaluates your internet connection via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G. This robust evaluation allows you to test your connection on a variety of apps, including Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Zoom.

Meteor gives you information about ping response and network performance on specific apps. You can also examine detailed statistics and sort past tests based on performance. Just Download, grant permissions, and you are good to go.

3. Google Speed Test

Speed tests are also available on any web browser. For example, just type “speed test” in your Google browser search window. Google will display its internet speed tester to test your Wi-Fi speeds and/or cellular network speeds. Results won't show specific statistics regarding the network connection, but they will display your network’s internet speed. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Open a web browser app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Type 3G speed test on Google

Step 3: Tap ‘Run Speed Test’. When the test is complete, your speed results will be displayed on the upload meter and download meters.

4. Fast by Netflix

One of the absolute simplest and most accurate ways to check your internet speed is through Netflix’s Fast internet speed checker available at Just visit the website and this test checks your network speed by pinging Netflix's web servers. It’s a great tool — especially if you're trying to see how fast your connection is when trying to stream movies, like those on Netflix.

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5. SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master is a popular free app with paid upgrade options. One-tap tests speed for 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, DSL, ADSL, and Wi-Fi. You can test your download and upload speeds, ping latency and jitter, and more. This enables you to automatically diagnose the network for issues related to a bad connection, and detect any devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi without your permission.

Plus, newly-added, powerful tools like Ping test, Game Ping, Trace Route, and more help easily resolve internet problems. SpeedTest Master is a great option if you want to analyze different Wi-Fi signals to see which is better.

The app offers just a limited number of free tests, but these tests provide lots of detailed information. There is an unlimited speed test option available for a small fee. Download the free version from the App Store now.

6. Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (GIST): Cisco Systems, Inc.

Dubbed “one of the very biggest and best-respected names in the world of networking equipment,” Cisco has recently released an iPhone network speed testing app. It‘s called Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (or GIST for short) and it tests your Wi-Fi or cellular (3G or Edge) connection speeds.

Cisco GIST allows you to measure your connection speeds over Wi-Fi and your cellular provider based on your location, and network access speed at the time of a test. Whether you’re a diehard iPhone fanatic or a recent iPhone inductee, this new application from Cisco will help you quickly understand the “gist” of what your phone is capable of at any given time.

This application will also enable you to compare your cellular and Wi-Fi speeds with other iPhone users around the world. GIST will also store your test results for you, so you can compare a current result to your past history. Download it now for free at the App Store.

7. SpeedChecker

SpeedChecker is a great free option for testing your Wi-Fi network speeds as well as your general internet connection. This simple app lets you test your internet speed by pinging a remote website, and then displays statistics about the Wi-Fi network on which you’re connected.

Within the test results, you'll also be able to see the average downloading time estimates for specific tasks, like Movies (in HD vs SD), TV Shows, and Songs. You can also save a history of all speeds checked on your device for easy sharing of results. Download it here to get started.

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8. Speedcheck

Speedcheck is a free, ad-supported internet speed test app that doubles as a Wi-Fi finder. It’ll test the speed of internet connections and add your findings to SpeedSpot’s Wi-Fi speed database. Then you can use the company’s app, SpeedSpot’s Wi-Fi Finder, to find the fastest Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. It can also check your download and upload speeds, as well as your ping, on cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The testing takes less than 20 seconds with a single tap using a global high-speed server network for dependable results. At the same time, it provides private feedback on your tests. And finally, it allows you to easily share your findings on Twitter and Facebook. Unfortunately, a web version is not available. Get started here for free!

9. nPerf

nPerf can show you both your network speeds as well as information about Wi-Fi reception. Available in both app and web browser versions, this is a great option for more detailed statistics, including video streaming quality and latency reports. If you download the official iPhone app, you can save your results for future reference.

What’s cool is when you run a test with the nPerf app, you'll see each page you frequent (like Facebook, Reddit, Yahoo, and Google) open up as the test is working, so you can see their latency time in the results. Visit to test your speeds on the web, or download the app free from the App Store.

10. Traffic monitor with widget

Traffic Monitor is a third-party app available on the App Store. After you download the app on your iPhone or iPad, you’ll find the icon on your home screen. Review the terms, and click “accept” the first time you launch the app to get started.

On your screen, tap the “speed meter.” This will launch a real-time internet speed test on your iPhone or iPad.

In addition to showing your overall internet speeds, Traffic Monitor can also locate other devices on your network in order to test local network speeds. When you select this option, your current speeds will be displayed on the page. Select the “Data Usage” tab. This shows your monthly and daily traffic statistics. You can compare the current month to the previous month under “Monthly Traffic,” and today versus yesterday under “Daily Traffic.”

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Testing Your Wi-Fi Speed on Your iPhone

Since there’s no built-in feature on your iPhone to check internet speeds, using an app like one of these is the best way to gauge your wireless internet connection at any time, anywhere.

Remember that results will fluctuate depending on your iPhone version, the Wi-Fi network and/or cell network you are connected to, and your location. So, you may want to use multiple testers to get a more accurate average of your connection speeds.

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