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The World’s Fastest Internet just got Faster

Introducing the country’s FIRST community-wide 25 Gig network

Light-speed internet service up to 25 Gigs with symmetrical uploads and downloads is now available to every Chattanooga home and business

The new digital frontier has arrived. Cloud-based technologies, services and experiences are placing more demand on bandwidth than ever before. As America’s first community-wide 25 Gig internet service, we are ensuring our community has the capability to pave new paths in technical innovation and job creation.

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Meeting the rising demand for bandwidth

Artificial intelligence. Data transmissions. Virtual reality. Gaming. These technologies among many others will continue to drive the need for more and more bandwidth. EPB Fiber Optics, with internet service now up to 25 Gigs, stands ready to support rapidly-growing industries like gaming, telehealth, robotic manufacturing and more.

Bandwidth demands are predicted to grow at a rate of 50% per year.

The IoT market is projected to grow from $478.36 billion today to $2,465.26 billion by 2029.

The extended reality (XR) market is projected to exceed $1.1 Trillion by 2031.

EPB Gig25 — Future Forward, Community-Driven

  • The fastest in Chattanooga — by far
  • Available to all residential and commercial customers
  • Ideal for businesses with multiple locations and high data traffic needs

Removing barriers for innovation

When the only barrier to innovation is your imagination, anything is possible. With the launch of EPB Gig25, there are limitless opportunities to innovate the technologies that will shape our tomorrow. Just how fast is EPB Gig25 service? Imagine 3,000+ Ultra HD video streams at the same time without buffering or lag. Or 3,000 local students participating in the same VR experience at once.That’s the power of speeds this fast.

Chattanooga Convention Center

The new worldwide standout in conventions & conferences

The Chattanooga Convention Center, EPB’s first Gig25 Pro customer, is poised to draw tens of thousands of customers and millions of dollars in tourism to the local economy with connectivity unmatched anywhere in the world.

Gig25 Press Release

Superior Connectivity

Powers thousands of devices at once

Future Proof

Ready for tomorrow’s bandwidth needs

Economic Powerhouse

Helping drive tourism and development

Digital Explorers Welcome

The first step into the new digital frontier is a free consulation with one of our EPB Tech Pros.

Create the Future You See

Whether you’re developing life-saving innovations in healthcare, sustainability solutions using renewable energy, virtual reality curriculums in education or countless other other future-forward ideas, you’re invited to create the future you see here in Chattanooga with unlimited bandwidth at your fingertips.


Have Questions About Gig25?

We’re happy to help. Explore answers to the most common questions we get below or get in touch with us!

EPB is committed to helping our community grow and thrive by equipping every home and business with the capability to handle the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth. Research indicates that bandwidth needs will grow 50% year over year as cloud-based applications and technologies evolve. EPB’s Gig25 service leverages the power of our fiber optic infrastructure to ensure our community is well-positioned with the internet speeds they need now and for years to come.

Because nothing is faster than the speed of light and fiber optic lines are very durable, EPB was able to upgrade the optical networking equipment to deliver even faster internet speeds without having to replace the fiber optic lines which make up the bulk of the expense and construction effort for the initial deployment.

The bandwidth that comes with 25 Gigs of speed provides an enormous blank slate for whatever opportunities innovative thinkers can dream up next. For now, 25 Gig internet is ideal for power users, web-scalers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, businesses, industry, virtual education and healthcare, data centers, and advanced community services. For example, this level of bandwidth is capable of meeting the needs of industries like:

  • Data Centers – 100+ servers could operate with symmetrical upstream and downstream internet running with an average of 1Gbps + each
  • Security & Safety – 5,000+ HD streams and/or surveillance cameras across one campus running at once
  • Healthcare – Smart hospitals, connected with 100s of telemedicine rooms and even remote surgery rooms
  • Real Estate – 400-suite multitenant buildings equipped with 200+Mbps to 1 Gbps services per office

EPB provides a range of internet speeds to meet the needs of all business and residential customers in our community. From 300 Mbps to 1 Gig and all the way up to 25 Gigs, we offer a breadth of internet products designed to help our customers work, learn and play on the most reliable, 100% fiber optic network in the country.

Today’s residential-grade routers will not support this speed — nor will traditional routers that can be purchased from retailers like Best Buy. Utilizing speeds this great requires professional-grade equipment.

Yes. Customer-owned on-site equipment will be needed to achieve the best performance from your 25 Gig internet service. It’s important to note that 25 Gig internet may be connected to run on current equipment you may already have, but throughput speeds will be based on the maximum capacity of that equipment. Hardwiring your equipment via CAT5 or CAT6 optimizes your speeds if your equipment supports that speed. If you take a multi-Gig solution, EPB provides a complimentary site survey to assess your business objectives and consult with you on how best to achieve them.

The first step is to fill out a request form and a member of the EPB Tech Pros team will schedule a consultation to assess your needs. If you are a business, you may also call 423-648-1500 to speak with our sales department. Your consultation will include discovering the locations and specifications of your current computer equipment, wireless networks and any other devices. We will determine the best path to run new Ethernet wiring, which is required to handle 25 Gig Internet. And, we will work with you to determine the best possible location for the special ONT box we will need to install in order for you to receive 25 Gig service. Afterwards, we will schedule the actual installation with you for another time. Both visits can be scheduled at your convenience.