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Can You Use Roku Without the Internet?

You may only think about a Roku when connected to the internet and streaming your favorite videos, programs, and movies. But you can use your Roku without an internet connection to display pictures or videos from your phone via mirroring or streaming content from local or external storage devices like USB sticks and SD cards.

Roku, a leader in the streaming space, continues to be one of the most popular media streaming devices. More than 60 million people use Roku to enjoy TV and movies in their homes, but it can do more than you may realize. Over the years, Roku has even launched smart TVs and wireless soundbars to improve how you consume TV and movies.

What can Roku do Without an Internet Connection?

Roku is popularly known for being able to stream online content to your TV via an internet connection.

However, it is possible to use a Roku without an internet connection, as we mentioned earlier. Some features are accessible without an internet connection on Roku, and there are some ways to use Roku without an internet connection.

The most notable things the Roku can do without an internet connection include:

  • Streaming content from local or external storage like USB sticks and SD cards.
  • Showing pictures or videos from your phone via mirroring.


Additionally, depending on the storage capacity of your Roku device, it is possible to download contents that you want to watch later. All you need to do is download it to external storage if it has sufficient space so you can watch it later on your TV.

For content that is saved for offline viewing on mobile devices, you can use the screen mirror function to mirror your phone screen to the Roku plugged into your TV over your Wi-Fi network.

Learn more about the screen mirror function further in this article.

How to Stream Content on Roku from a Local or External Source Without the Internet?

  • Here’s how you can stream content on Roku offline through an external or local source:
  • Roku usually has a USB port and slot for an SD card where you can insert a USB stick or SD card. Simply copy the content you want to stream to the USB stick or SD card.
  • Plug the USB stick or SD card into the corresponding input.
  • Open the Roku media player from the home screen. From there, it is possible to view the contents that were copied initially.
  • Select the particular content you want to play.

You can also listen to music and view photos on a USB stick or SD card. Just follow the same procedures above.


How to Tell If Your Roku Has an Internet Connection or Not?

Another popular question people often ask about Roku is how to know when it has an internet connection. Roku's primary function is to provide access for streaming various video and audio content online, and this is why a good internet connection must be maintained while using the Roku.

Checking to see if your Roku has an internet connection is easy. Here are the steps to check to see if you have an internet connection:

  1. First of all, locate the Home button on the remote. Press it.
  2. Once you press the home button, the home screen pops up.
  3. Among the lists that will appear on the home screen, there will be a settings option there—select settings.
  4. Looking to your right, you will see a new set of options again. This time, select Network.
  5. After selecting the network option, a new set of options will come up again. Now, select About.
  6. Once you select About, you will see a range of network options displayed immediately. This shows the quality of the internet connection. Network details that will be displayed include the network name, connection status, connection type, IP address, MAC address, download speed, wireless channel, and signal strength (for a wireless network).

Check these details to determine the quality of the internet connection. When using a Wi-Fi connection, you should pay attention to the signal strength because that will be displayed. Signal strength refers to the strength of a wireless signal coming from a signal source.

If you use a wired connection, it will display the download speed instead of signal strength. The internet download speed refers to how fast your internet connection is.

An Excellent or Good signal strength indicates that the network connection is strong and okay. Having a Fair or Poor signal strength will affect your streaming experience on the Roku. For example, your videos will take a longer time to load.

How to Setup the Roku to Work Without the Internet?

Now that you know you can use the Roku without an internet connection, let’s talk about how you set one up for the first time. Once the setup is complete, it can work without the internet. Here are the steps to set up the Roku:

  • Go to Settings on the home screen.
  • A new menu pops; select the Network option from the menu.
  • From the next set of options, select the setup connection option.
  • You can either have a wired or wireless connection. There is usually an Ethernet port for a cable connection, and the wireless connection is for the Wi-Fi connection. If you are making use of the wired connection, it connects automatically.
  • There could be other wireless networks around you, so all wireless networks are displayed for you to select. Keep scanning until it shows your preferred network.
  • If it is your first time connecting to the network, you will be required to input the network password if it has one.
  • Once you've entered the password, select connect.

How to Use the Screen Mirror Function to connect your phone to the TV with Roku?

The screen mirror function is another way to use your Roku without having an internet connection or having a device connected to the TV. With this function, you can view the contents of your phone on the Roku connected to your TV. It’s possible to cast anything you watch on your phone to your Roku, and you don't need an internet connection.

Here are the steps to follow to use the screen mirror function:

  1. First of all, go to the settings option on the menu.
  2. After this, select System from the new options that come up.
  3. From the new options displayed, select Screen Mirroring. When you select this, the options Screen mirroring mode and Screen mirroring devices come up.
  4. Select the Screen mirroring mode first. Then you can either select Always allow or Prompt.
  5. After this, select the Screen mirroring devices option.
  6. On your phone, select Screen mirroring if you are using an iOS device or Smart view if you are using an Android device from the control center. Swipe up if it is an iOS device. Swipe down if it is an Android device.
  7. After doing this, your Roku name will appear on your phone on the list of available devices. Select your device.
  8. Finally, select the option " proceed anyway". Your phone immediately displays on your Roku once the connection is successful.

How to Use the Screen Mirror Option on Roku with a Router but Without the Internet?

If you have a wireless router without an internet connection, it is possible to mirror the contents on your screen to your Roku. The simple way to do this is by connecting your phone and Roku to the Wi-Fi router. The following are the methods to achieve this:

  1. Go to the Settings option on the home screen.
  2. Select system and pick screen mirroring.
  3. Pick your phone and select the screen mirroring option. If you are confused about the screen mirroring feature on your phone, you can always visit Google to search specifically for your phone's mirroring service.
  4. Then select your Roku device name on your phone.
  5. The request shows on your Roku. Accept it.
  6. An option that asks if you want to use RokuCast without an internet connection will appear. Select Proceed Anyway. Once this is completed, all the contents on your phone screen will appear on the TV immediately.


It's Easy to Use Roku Without an Internet Connection

Roku can work perfectly without an internet connection. There is a limit to the features you can access on Roku without the internet. But there are many things you can enjoy on Roku without an internet connection.

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