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Definition of Cord Cutting and How it Can Save You Money

Cord-cutting has become one of the best ways to cut costs for families. Traditional TV, cable, and entertainment services have become luxuries that many consumers do not need. The number of people cutting the cord is increasing each year exponentially. Cord-cutting is becoming one of the best ways to save money and enjoy a rewarding experience with your TV viewing hours.

If you are ready to learn more about what cord-cutting means and how it can save you money, read on!

What is Cord Cutting and Switching to Streaming?

Cord-cutting is when people switch to streaming services and cancel their traditional TV, cable, or satellite. An estimated 46 million households will cut the cord by 2024. People cut the cord to save money, but it can also be a good choice to access more customized programming. Streaming services have entered the scene and have quickly shown to be a much better option for access to many kinds of content.

Suppose you do not need to access sports channels, for example. In that case, you will probably not miss your traditional TV or cable as streaming services are continuing to offer more and more specialized programming, options, and original content. If you’ve grown tired of the monthly bill you’re paying for your traditional TV, cable, or satellite, you might need to consider whether cord-cutting is the right solution for your needs.

Anyone can choose to cut the cord! We sometimes assume that TV provided by traditional TV, cable, and satellite providers is necessary, but this is not the case. It is a great idea to cut the cord if you believe that you will not miss the channels and movies offered in your subscription. There are so many other ways to enjoy movies, TV, and serialized shows. You do not need to pay for a cable package that is not serving your needs if you do not want to.


Benefits of Cord Cutting Vs Having Traditional TV, Cable or Satellite

There are so many reasons why cord-cutting can provide big benefits — especially if you want to save money. Streaming services vary in price — from free options to others that mirror a traditional TV service and cost about $70 per month. When you cut the cord, you entirely control what you want to pay. And because there are no contracts with streaming services, you control when you want to add or cancel them. Many EPB customers save $600 a year or more by cutting the cord and taking control of the programs they want to watch.

Reducing the number of services you are paying for can also be a big benefit of cutting the cord. Many people are paying for streaming services and traditional TV, cable, or satellite. When you realize that you are paying for channels you don’t watch with a traditional subscription, and you immediately recognize the benefit of cutting the cord.


Additional benefits of cord-cutting are numerous. You can watch a streaming service in any room of your home, and you can also use your phone to watch. This is not possible with most cable services, and this is one of the biggest benefits of choosing streaming over cable. Many streaming services also offer original content not available on traditional TV services. You will be missing out on these experiences if you are only paying for cable.

Another key benefit for many people is that streaming services do not require that you set up a cable box mailed to you, pay for in-person installation or endure the recurring costs of monthly set top box rentals. You can simply enroll, pay, and enjoy your streaming subscription anywhere on any device. Many users appreciate this benefit of streaming most, especially since it is easier than any cable setup process.

Switching to Streaming TV Instead of Traditional TV, Cable or Satellite

Streaming TV is convenient, enjoyable, and so easy to use. Streaming services offer access to high-quality content that can be streamed seamlessly to any internet-connected device. Streaming TV also offers exceptional accessibility if you travel and want to keep up with your favorite shows and movies. Streaming TV is as good as cable, and you will have so much more flexibility.

There are hundreds of streaming options currently available. You will find that each of these services offers its own benefits, and some of the choices might have to do with wanting to see certain shows or have access to things like sports or educational content.

YouTube TV is an excellent choice for those who enjoy local networks, and sports and want access to a traditional Live TV experience. Disney + is another excellent choice and is perfect for people who have kids. Low-cost streaming services like Discovery + and Frndly offer original programming and family-friendly movies for less than $7 each.

EPB helps its customers browse and choose from the hundreds of streaming apps available with a convenient online tool called EPB MyBundle. Simply answer a few questions about what you like to watch, and the free EPB MyBundle provides recommendations with price comparisons!

And despite some annual increases in the cost of streaming services to keep pace with the market, cord-cutting can still be much more affordable than most traditional tv, cable, or satellite packages. Streaming services seldom offer various packages to choose from, so you will likely save lots of money when you select a few different services compared to one cable package.

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