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Privacy Control

Screen Calls
Accept calls only from the phone numbers you choose.

Call Blocking
Prevents certain phone numbers from calling, or calling again, by blocking them so that your phone doesn't even ring.

Call Trace
Trace the numbers of unidentified callers who annoy or harass you so that action can be taken.

Caller Convenience

Three-Way Calling

Speak with two callers at the same time on one phone line.

Call Forwarding

Forward busy or unanswered calls directly to voice mail or forward calls to another number on demand.

Call Waiting

Notifies you of incoming calls when you're on the line. Just "click" your phone to place your existing call on hold and answer the waiting call.

Speed Calling

Store your favorite telephone numbers and dial them with the touch of a button.

Repeat Dial

Redials a no-answer or busy number and notifies you when the line is available to complete the call.

Call Return

Call back the number that last called you.

Caller Control

Never miss a call when you're unavailable to answer or are away from your phone.

Enhanced Caller ID
Displays the name and phone number of the person calling you and who’s on call waiting.

Long Distance
Even if you exceed your plan’s minutes, domestic long distance rates are still a deal at only $.06 per minute. Plus, get great rates on international calls across the planet.

Download International Pricing PDF