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    Press *98 and follow the prompts.Press *98 and follow the prompts. You can also access your voicemail when not at home by dialing 423-648-MAIL (423-648-6245), then follow the prompts to enter your home phone number and voicemail PIN.

    You may have a cordless handset that’s been left turned on. Make sure all of your home phones are turned off, then try again.

    Any type of landline corded or cordless phone can be used with Fi Phone service.

    Each message can be up to three minutes long.

    Fi Phone includes many popular features including voicemail, call forwarding, call blocking, call waiting, spam stop, speed dialing, three way calling, call transferring and more. And, affordable domestic and international calling plans are also available.

    To transfer a caller to another person, press the “Flash/Talk” button, dial the number where the call is being transferred, then hang up.

    Yes. You can easily forward voice messages to another mailbox by pressing 5 while listening to a voice message from any phone, or by accessing your voicemail online via the CommPortal.

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