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Heat pumps regulate the intake of indoor and outdoor air temperatures to heat and cool your entire house and keep you consistently comfortable all day and night. Heat pumps operate the best and most efficiently when left on one comfortable temperature. Keep the thermostat on your heating system at the lowest comfortable setting, ideally 68°F degrees. Every degree you raise your thermostat over 68°F accounts for an increase of approximately 4 percent on the heating portion of your bill.

If you have a central heating system other than a heat pump, you can save money by setting your thermostat to 60°F when you leave the house - even for the day. At this temperature, your pipes aren't in danger of freezing or bursting, and you aren't wasting electricity heating an empty home. If your home has a central heating system, doors and vents should NOT be closed.

These include ceiling heat, wall heaters, baseboard heaters, floor furnaces, portable heaters and central electric furnaces - and they're inefficient and expensive to operate. They use electricity to heat a wire coil, which then heats areas of your home. If you use this type of heat, turn the setting down when you're away or at night to save as much energy and money as possible. Also, close off unused rooms to reduce costs even more.

Important note: check heating and cooling system filters at least monthly change them as needed. Dirty filters can increase operating costs significantly, damage equipment and reduce efficiency.


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