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Polycom 401 Series Quick Start Guide

View the Polycom 401 Series Quick Start Guide for business customers.
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EPB Hosted Phone Solutions give you a large business phone solution at an affordable price. They are perfect for businesses small and large - from 1 handset to 200. They are feature-rich and flexible enough to seamlessly do business both in the office or on the go, and can be easily scaled for large businesses who need more lines and call management functions. Our cloud-based VoIP systems feature high-quality Polycom handsets and functionality such as an online management portal, mobile softphone app, SimRing, incoming call manager, multi-line hunt group plus helpful user tools such as voicemail-to-email, "find me follow me" forwarding and much more. To learn more schedule your free business technology assessment by calling 423-648-1500.

If you are a resident of an Assisted Living facility, you need to contact your facility’s Hosted Phone for Seniors internal phone plan administrator with questions regarding your phone and it’s features. Your facility’s staff have been trained by EPB to handle any issues you may have. If you have trouble contacting your internal phone plan administrator, or need further assistance, you may call EPB at 423-648-1372 anytime day or night.

Each message can be up to three minutes long.

Yes. As long as your new address and physical business location is within the EPB service area, we can move your service.

Every extension number is directly connected to a specific telephone in your business. If you need to change or add an extension, call us at 423-648-1500.

Yes. EPB Hosted Phone Solutions includes a Multi-Line Hunt Group features which does just that. To learn more schedule your free business technology assessment or call 423-648-1500.

SimRing allows you to designate multiple phones to ring simultaneously when a call is directed to your desk phone. All phones will ring at the same time until the call is answered or voicemail on one of the phones picks up.

Find Me/Follow Me allows you to designate a series of phone numbers that will ring in the order you specify when a call is directed to your desk phone. You will either have SimRing or Find Me/Follow Me depending upon your level of service. Only one of these features may be used at one time. You can manage either feature from your desk phone or online via the CommPortal.

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