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Redundant Services Service Level Agreement

Redundant Services Service Level Agreement for commercial fiber optics customers.
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You can visit us at one of three convenient locations:

• EPB Main Office

10 West M.L. King Blvd.

• EPB Brainerd Branch

830 Eastgate Loop

Monday - Friday

Drive-thru hours: 7:30 m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 9 m. – 1 p.m.

• EPB Hixson Branch

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Monday - Friday

Drive-thru hours: 8 m. – 6 p.m. Saturday 9 m. – 1 p.m.

With EPB Fiber Optics, there are no data limits. Use all of the data you want at no additional charge.

Residential customers may request to be billed on one of four optional dates each month. To choose a due date that’s right for you, call us at 423-648-1372.

Business customers can call 423-648-1500 to speak with a business account representative about options available to you.

By default, customers receive a simplified bill, showing the amount of electricity used and amount of payment they owe. However, we also offer a detailed bill with a breakdown of costs, including TVA’s current adjustment for the cost of fuel to generate energy.

To start receiving detailed bills, please call us at 423-648-1372.

A Telecommunications Device is available for the Deaf (TTD) and TeleType (TTY) service is available for the hearing-impaired. The hearing impaired can also call 423-648-1372 for assistance.

EPB encourages all customers to enroll in paperless billing. When you do, you will receive a one-time $10 credit per account. To switch to paperless billing, please click here or call 423-648-1372.

Yes. Spanish speaking customers can receive bills in Spanish.

For other questions, get in touch with us