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    See your usage, pay bills, report outages, receive restoration alerts and more on the mobile MyEPB app. Refer to the resources below for more information.


    Log in to MyEPB for account info and more

    Go to myEPB


    Access your account at Go to Click the "Sign In" at the top right. Select "My Accounts" on the menu. Type in your Username and Password, and select the "Login" button. Select "My Consumption History" on the menu left. Here you will find your past bills and charts of your energy usage. You can also access this information by downloading the FREE MyEPB app from Apple and Google Play app stores.

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    Stay Informed

    You can keep track of outage restorations in your area, report an outage, and more on the free MyEPB app. You can also opt in to receive push notifications with updates on restoration progress and alerts when outage restoration is complete. Just make sure your Apple or Android device is set to allow notifications from the MyEPB app. To do this, go to "Settings" on your device, then "Notifications," then find and click the MyEPB app icon, then turn on "Allow Notifications."

    The monthly usage chart shows data for a calendar month. The "billing cycle to date" information corresponds to your specific billing cycle. For example, your account may be billed for usage between March 10 and April 9 (your April billing cycle), whereas the calendar month for April is April 1 to April 30.

    Smart Grid restores occur when the technology of the Smart Grid allows us to restore your power without an EPB crew having to drive out and fix any problems near your home. A manual restore is when we drive out and make repairs to the system in order to restore power.

    Because of our Smart Grid technology, EPB is able to detect real-time changes in your daily consumption of electric power based on your average daily consumption. This alert can help you detect any issues with components like heating and air units, water heaters, appliances, etc.

    Nearly 45% of your annual energy use comes from heating and cooling your home. Therefore, showing the outside temperature and usage on the same chart helps you understand how the weather affects your energy bills.

    Yes. Just download the FREE MyEPB app from the app store to any mobile device. The app lets you see your current usage and usage history so you can better anticipate energy costs. You can even pay your Energy and Fiber Optics bills conveniently and securely through the app. Plus, you can see outages in your area and report an outage at your address. Then you can enable the MyEPB app to send you notifications of outage restoration updates and alerts when your restoration is complete.

    Download the MyEPB app now.

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