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Air Sealing Rebates

Reduce drafts for improved energy efficiency (and $300 back!)

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Secure air-tight rebates on air sealing upgrades to your home!

Take advantage of EPB and TVA EnergyRight® Home Energy Rebates of $300 for professional Envelope Air Sealing services. You’ll also save on energy bills and improve your family’s comfort when you seal up gaps around exterior doors, windows, and other areas where heating and air conditioning can escape your home.

*Rebates are now available through the EnergyRight® Residential Services program brought to you by EPB and TVA. Rebates are available on qualifying measures installed by a member of our Quality Contractor Network (QCN). Beginning October 1, 2023, QCN members must initiate your rebate claim within 30 days of completing your project by submitting qualifying measures on your behalf to TVA.

Discover the benefits of Air Sealing:

  • Save Energy & Money – with less air escaping through gaps in exterior doors, walls, & windows, your HVAC can run less to maintain heating & cooling
  • Greater Comfort – reduces drafts for consistent temperatures throughout your home
  • Better Indoor Air Quality – keeps pollutants & allergens outside
  • Moisture Control – prevents mold & blocks outside air entry points that can contain moisture
  • Extends HVAC Lifespan – when it needs to run less, you HVAC will experience less wear & tear

Available Rebates for Air Sealing


Envelope Air Sealing 1


$300 per home

Eligibility Requirements

1 Must be installed by an approved Quality Contractor Network member and meet EPB and TVA standards effective on installation date. All measures, except window replacement, eligible for TVA program financing.

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How to take advantage of rebates

  • Identify your project – Get free, expert advice from the EPB Energy Pros
  • Choose a contractor – only those listed and approved in the Quality Contractor Network meet requirements for the rebate program
  • Make the improvements – hire a contractor & upgrade your home
  • Claim your rebates! – once work is complete, you'll receive an email from with instructions
  • Get a quality assurance checkup – EPB Energy Pros will check your contractor's work for free

What’s involved in professional Air Sealing Services

  • Using Blower Door & Duct Blaster tests to identify leaks
  • Caulking windows & weatherstripping exterior doors
  • Flashing around ducts, fans, vents, chimneys & more
  • Filling gaps in attic, basement, foundation & other areas

Window Rebates

Get $15 for every window you replace

Water Heater Rebates

Get $800 back on Heat Pump Water Heaters

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