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9 Smart Ways To Hide Your Modem & Router

Upgrades in technology, whether you like it or not, have become part of our everyday life. The cables and cords from our TVs, Voice Assistants, and Home Entertainment systems can begin to look clunky and out of place in our home’s favorite corner.

The same goes for our wireless router, and so it’s important to have it hidden. So, you may be wondering, where are the best places to hide your router?

Keep reading for some inventive ways we’ve found to hide your modem or router without sacrificing its performance.

1. Hide Your Router in a Wicker Basket.

An easy place to store your router is a wicker basket. A basket can be a simple yet effective, and a stylish place for your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi modem. The router’s placement is important because you don’t want it near your guests, plus the basket adds to your home’s décor. This will be the best way to camouflage your modem and router, so it fits the aura of your home.

2. Hide Your Modem & Router Inside a Storage Cabinet.

Your living room or den cabinet can be a simple and accessible location for your Wi-Fi modem or router.

hide your router

A stylish storage cabinet or new media center can be used to store each cord and simple place for your Wi-Fi modem or router. Any cabinet can work but you want to make sure that it has openings for airflow. If you are uncomfortable with the opening’s placements, you can drill a hole or two into the cabinet for easier cord accessibility. The most important tip to remember is that your Wi-Fi modem and router placement does matter, you want to avoid putting any metal home appliances or home decor near your Wi-Fi modem and router. Metal objects can sometimes hinder your Wi-Fi connection which will impact your internet access.

3. Get A Cable Organizer Box & Hide Your Modem in it

Purchasing a cable organizer box to hide your modem can be a great option since it will not hinder your signal or draw unwanted attention. It can be conveniently located on your kitchen counter, living room bookshelf or on your home’s mantel. If you aren’t a craftsman you can easily find a cable organizer box online, you can find it on Amazon, Best Buy, or Office Depot and several other sites. You can expect to pay $10-$30 for a cable organizer box. The price will vary depending on the size and style you are wanting.

4. Hide Your Modem & Router on the Bookshelf

When all else fails you can hide your modem next to your favorite books on a bookshelf. The bookshelf will give your home’s Wi-Fi modem or Wi-Fi router air pockets to avoid overheating. Your home’s Wi-Fi should not be hindered by the modem’s placement. If you do lose internet access, you may want to try moving it around.

5. Hide It Behind Your Furniture

A simple way to avoid spending more money is to place the Wi-Fi modem or Wi-Fi router behind your couch or behind a large piece of furniture. You’ll still be able to receive great internet access and speeds because the furniture should not block the signal to the rest of your home.

smart ways to hide your router

6. Use Decorative Plants to Camouflage Your Modem or Router

Your indoor garden can be a central location in your home for your Wi-Fi modem. (If you don’t have indoor plants this can be a great time to add some greenery to your home.) The plants will not block your signal and your modem router will not overheat. The Wi-Fi modem and Wi-Fi router can also be a great way to keep your indoor plants warm if they are near a drafty window.

7. Hide Your Modem & Router Behind a Photo Frame Display

Your family’s favorite photos can be a great option for Wi-Fi storage. You can hide the Wi-Fi router behind a set of photos so it’s not visible. The placement of the router will depend on its size.

8. Find an Unobstructed Location to Hide Your Modem & Router

When everything seems not to work, you can always store it in a closet or behind a chair to make sure it’s out of the way of guests or your furry friends. You can easily slide your couch or recliner over for router placement. Hiding your Wi-Fi modem & router behind a piece of furniture should not block your Wi-Fi signal.

9. No One Will Find Your Modem & Router Behind Window Curtains

Hiding your Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi modem behind window curtains can be a creative way to avoid spending money on additional fixtures, furniture or plants.

hidden wifi router

Keeping your Wi-Fi router and modem on the floor next to your curtain minimizes the chances for it to be seen by guests, and the hiding place may also be feasible because your curtains may be next to a wall outlet. Use this as a chance to get creative and find a way to hide it in a stylish way.

Where Will You Hide Your Modem & Router?

This list is meant to help you think about all the unused places inside your home where you could hide your Wi-Fi modem or router. Hiding your Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi modem can be a simple task that requires very little energy.

The thing to remember is that no matter where you hide it you want to make sure that you do not block the modem or router’s air path. Also, you want to make sure the signal is not being hindered by your hiding place’s location.

If you notice your Wi-Fi signal is growing weaker in some parts of your home, it may be time to add access points to improve your whole home internet connection. The Wi-Fi extenders ensure that every corner in your home is covered with fast, reliant and dependable connection.

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