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How to Share Wi-Fi Password From Mac & iPhone? A Step-By-Step Guide

Apple has made it simpler and easier for you to share your Wi-Fi password through the power of a Bluetooth connection. Sharing your password doesn’t have to be complicated at all; how simple it is to do comes down to whether you’re using an iPhone or Android phone.

Your password may be simple, but it should be secure enough to protect your data. You should have a password that not only includes capital letters but also incorporates symbols, numbers and potential spaces. Writing down your personal Wi-Fi password is a security hazard and you should avoid doing it at all cost to protect your identity and data.

We know, sharing your password with others can be a security hazard, but there may be a time when a friend is coming over to work on something, so sharing your password will be make it easier for them to connect to your Wi-Fi. Continue reading to learn about how simple and easy it can be to share your Wi-Fi passwords through an iPhone and Mac device.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password From iPhone to iPhone?

Are you able to share a Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to another iPhone? The answer is yes! Before taking the first step it’s important to make sure both phones have an updated version of iOS on them.

Before updating your iOS on your iPhone or iPad it’s important to make sure information on your device is backed up. Go to Settings, and scroll down to General. There you’ll be able to see if a new iOS update is available.

If a new update is available, select “Software Update,” you will be led to an option that says download and install. When you press the button your phone will ask you to enter your device’s passcode.

how to share wifi password

Following this step, your iOS system will automatically begin installing the latest system. Once this is complete, it becomes simpler to move forward in the process. The process of sharing your Wi-Fi password is easy, but it does take a little bit of time to do:

  1. Enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on both phones. First, both users will need to enable their phones’ Bluetooth features and Wi-Fi settings. You can access these two features under your phone’s settings. The two choices will be listed as “Wi-Fi” and “Bluetooth.”
  2. Add them as a contact. You will need to save the email or Apple ID username of the person requesting to connect to your personal Wi-Fi network in your phone’s contact section. If they’re not in your contacts, you’ll need to add them.
  3. Stay close. Keep the two iPhone devices in close proximity to one another.
  4. Open your Wi-Fi settings. From your phone’s main screen, you will need to use the top slide bar to access your phone’s Wi-Fi settings a second time.
  5. Choose the correct Wi-Fi network. Select the Wi-Fi network on the device you want to connect to.
  6. Check each phone for a password notification. The iPhone device that is sharing the password will receive a Wi-Fi password prompt. The prompt will ask for the user’s permission to share the password to the other user's iPhone. Tap the button “Share password” to successfully send it to the other phone.

How to Share Wi-Fi Password From iPhone to Mac & Vice Versa?

Just like the steps above, it can be relatively simple to share your Home Wi-Fi password from your iPhone to Mac. The given steps below will show you how to successfully do it without any issues. First, just like sharing your Wi-Fi password from iPhone to iPhone, follow the same initial steps to share Wi-Fi Password from iPhone to Mac.

Here’s the simple process.

1. Connect your iPhone to your Wi-Fi network. Enable your home Wi-Fi network on your iPhone by finding the Wi-Fi button under your settings. Make sure the Apple ID of each device is saved in the other’s contact list.

Weak security on IPhone

2. Add your iPhone as a contact on the Mac. To add a contact to the Mac, go to Finder (Option + Command + Space) and type in “Applications.” Then open contacts. Click the plus sign, then click “new contact” in the drop-down menu.

3. Start connecting to the Wi-Fi network on your Mac. Begin by opening your “Network Preferences” on the Mac. The easiest way to do this to open Finder (Option + Command + Space), type “System Settings” and then click the Network tab. Select Wi-Fi in the menu. Click the home Wi-Fi network you want to connect to in the list of “Other Networks.”

4. Tap the button to share the password on your iPhone. A notification will appear on your iPhone asking if you want to share your password with anyone. Make sure you tap “share password.” You will continue to follow the phone’s prompts until you have successfully shared your password.

Stay Safe While Sharing Your Password

Sharing your Wi-Fi network’s password with a friend is simple, but remember: sharing your password can still pose a security risk. Make sure you aren’t using the same password for other accounts, in case of unauthorized access to those accounts. If someone finds a way to hack your network, they could potentially steal valuable data from you, including your identity.

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