Assistance Programs

EPB Power Share

Some Chattanooga area families struggle to pay for utilities due to higher bills, a loss of a job or other financial emergency. Power Share is a year-round program that provides direct support thru your donations to Chattanooga area families in need.

All donated funds are given to United Way 211 - an outreach program of the United Way that qualifies and distributes 100% of contributed funds to local families.



3rd Party Notification

You can authorize a third party, such as a friend or family member, to receive copies of your power bills and other important notices in order to remind you to pay and avoid disconnection. To designate a person for this notification, please complete the Third Party Notification Form


Service for the Hearing Impaired

We provide a special phone number for our hearing impaired customers.

Please contact us at our TTD/TTY service number (423) 648-1490.


Select Your Due Date

For the convenience of your budget and planning, you may request to be billed on one of two optional dates each month, based upon which billing cycle your account falls into.

To find out which dates are available for your account, please contact us at (423) 648-1EPB (1372) or by clicking here.