Renewable Energy

Green Power Switch

Making the Green Power Switch® helps our community support cleaner, more environmentally friendly energy generation options, in partnership with TVA.

By purchasing one 150 kilowatt-hour block of Green Power for $4 each month, you support the use of renewable energy resources like wind, solar power and methane gas. These resources generate energy with less pollution, from sources right here in the Chattanooga area. While no energy resource is completely impact-free, each block of Green Power you purchase makes a difference.

Each block of Green Power amounts to approximately 12% of a typical household’s energy usage. For each block purchased, the environmental benefit is similar to recycling 120 pounds of aluminum, recycling 440 pounds of newspaper or planting a half-acre of trees locally.

Of course, the best energy policy is smart use and efficiency, because the greenest kilowatt hour is the one that is never used. To learn practical, simple tips for smarter energy use in your home or business, click here.

Green power generated through the program is added to TVA’s total power mix, which is shared by customers throughout the Tennessee Valley. If you would like to sign up for Green Power Switch®, and so encourage the increased use of energy generated from renewable resources, contact us at (423) 648-1372.


Green Power Providers Program - from EPB & TVA

By installing renewable energy generation equipment such as wind and solar, customers may qualify for some Federal tax credits for renewable energy.

EPB can provide technical support for any such installation, because all equipment must be in compliance with national standards and all applicable codes and be certified by a licensed electrician.

TVA will then purchase 100% of the green power output, paying the current electric rate for all output. Payment is made in the form of a credit issued by EPB on the monthly power bill for the home or business where the generation system is located – and guaranteed for ten years from the date of the contract.

To learn more, visit Green Power Providers Program or call us at 423-648-1372.