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24 August 2022 · 1.5 min. read

EPB announces new 25 Gig internet service for Convention Center

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Remember when Chattanooga took the nickname “Gig City” because of EPB’s revolutionary Gig internet service?

Times and speeds are changing.

Today, EPB announced a new 25 Gig Internet Service for the Chattanooga area.

And they say it is, once again, the world’s fastest service.

“EPB is keeping Chattanooga on the cutting edge,” said Vicky Gregg, EPB Board Chair. “We are once again breaking the typical approach for internet service providers by proactively upgrading to the latest technologies in anticipation of future needs. Our goal is to enable new frontiers for technical innovation and job creation for our customers to the benefit of our whole community.”

Here is the timeline for EPB’s efforts to become and stay number one in the country for internet speed:

2010: launched Gig-speed internet

2015: launched 10-Gig service

2022: launching 25-Gig service

EPB has struck a deal with Hamilton County and the City of Chattanooga to hook up the Convention Center with the new connection speed.

That will give us the first convention center in the world to offer such speeds.

The 25 Gigs should greatly improve their ability to recruit conferences, e-gaming competitions and live streaming events.

County Mayor Jim Coppinger says “The new 25 Gig internet service gives our Convention Center a major competitive advantage.”

Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly adds “This new, incredible resource will not only attract businesses, entrepreneurs, and top talent from across the globe, it will also increase quality of life for the tens of thousands of Chattanoogans.”

The Fiber optic line network is the key to continuing upgrades.

EPB just has to upgrade their networking equipment, but not the fiber optic lines themselves, which is main expense and construction for a new system.

To learn more about EPB’s new 25 Gig internet service go to

pros and cons of fiber internet
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