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28 September 2022 · 1 min. read
Local 3 News:

EPB contractors in Florida to help with power

EPB is providing three contractor crews to help get Florida’s power grid up and running after Hurricane Ian passes.

The crews are set up in Naples, Florida. Once the storm passes, Florida Power and Light will direct them to affected areas to get power restored.

Hundreds if not thousands of electric contractors are on standby waiting for the hurricane to pass.

EPB has 14 people of their own on the ground.

Grant Carriker with EPB said crews will have minimum rest as they'll be working 16-hour shifts, seven days a week to help get power back up.

“Typically, as they start working there is a lot of water that is built up from the storm surge and the sure amount of rain fall. Between the sandy water and the typical hazards with that like wildlife and the electrical hazards it is a potentially dangerous job down there.”

He said this is a big and powerful storm, meaning there is a lot of work that will have to be done.

“In this instance they will be rebuilding whatever they need to, putting lines back up, poles back up, and changing out transformers that have been damaged,” Carriker said.

When EPB was contacted for help, Carriker said they sprang into action.

“We want to help out as much as possible and that is what a lot of this industry is helping others out. We needed the help in 2020 with the tornado there, so releasing these contractors to go down there and help get their power back on is what they love doing.” 

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